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Searching for your prom dress can be difficult with the amazing amount of options there are: so, how do you know which style dress is right for you?

Picking the perfect dress is all about knowing which dress will best accentuate your body by highlighting your best features, and hiding the ones you’d rather not show off.  When it comes to dressing, it is all about creating balance with proportions. Faviana has got you covered with the latest tips on how to find the perfect dress for you.

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First, Identify your Body Type

Are you Busty?

  • Do you have narrow hips and an undefined waistline?

Are you an Apple?

  • Do you carry most of your weight is around your middle and have slimmer legs?

Are you Slender?

  • Do you have a thin frame throughout?

Are you Petite?

  • Are you below 5’3”?

Are you a Pear?

  • Are your hips are larger than your bust with a well defined waist?

Are you an Hourglass?

  • Are you curvy with proportionate bust to hips and a well defined waist?

Are you a Box?

  • Are your bust, waist, and hip measurements close to the same?

Now that you know what shape you are, scroll down to read how to balance your proportions and choose a complimentary style for your shape.

Faviana PromFaviana Styles S7436, 7331, S7713

Petite Princess

Embrace your size! Don’t get lost in a gown with extra fabric — instead, go for something that shows your body off like Faviana Style S7436 for example!  You want to create the illusion of height rather than being overwhelmed in material. A shorter hemline, asymmetrical hemline or a slightly higher thigh slit can add inches to your frame. Don’t opt for a longer or fuller skirt, the added fabric can often times envelope you. Fitted dresses, delicate rather than oversized embellishments and detailing, a V-neckline and vertical prints will also elongate you. Remember to add heels for even more height; a good platform goes a long way and is easier and more comfortable to walk in than a thin sole.

Boxy Beauty

With boxy shapes, the key is to give an illusion of a waist while showing off your best asset.  Your legs!  Faviana Style 7331 with the illusion mesh cutouts at the waist is a show stopping trick to give you that tiny waist aesthetic. Also, try anything with a high slit to elongate your body and show off your killer legs. For a dash of femininity, try a belted dress, or pretty bow at the waist.

Hourglass Hottie

Show off those gorgeous curves. Look for a gown that hugs them and flares out at the end. Try Faviana Style S7713.   Show off your well defined waist with fitted dresses, regular or accented waistlines, fitted tops, V or open necklines and wrap dresses; these will all look fabulous on you!  The beauty of being blessed with an hourglass figure is that you are naturally born with aesthetic proportions!  Congratulations, you can get away with wearing nearly anything.  The Faviana Glamour line caters to hourglass figures, so have fun browsing through the new collection!

Faviana Prom DressesFaviana Styles S7500, 7747, S7718

Pretty as a Pear

Show off that upper body, beautiful! And highlight your collarbone.  Try a deep V-neck or some sparkling embellishments to bring out that perfect pear shape. Faviana Style 7747 works well for you!  The other added benefit to Style 7747 is that it has a lace up back which will allow you to cinch in your waist and fit the dress snug to your upper body, while allowing the skirt to freely fall over your hips.  Lace up dresses are perfect for anyone who has and upper body and lower body that are different sizes. Show off your waist with a thin evening belt and add volume to your upper body. Do this with a fitted, open neck or strapless top on the bottom, and  find something with a full or A-line skirt to hide a wider hip.

Bust Beautiful

Draw attention up, add curves to your hips and define your waist to create balance. A long dress is the best fit as the extra fabric below will help you create that balance of proportions.  Faviana Style S7718 is great for you because the slight V-Neck will help you show off your curves while there is enough coverage to keep everything in place.  The Jersey skirt in this style is fitted enough to create the illusion of curves in the hip area while not being so tight that it makes you look off balance.  

Elegant Apple

Dresses with empire waists, A-line or full skirts, and embellished tops will draw the eye up away from your middle.  Faviana Style S7500 is a good fit because it has a deeper V-neck while modestly being covered with a mesh while the empire waist and embellished straps will help keep the attention towards your collarbone.  You will feel comfort and ease with a fuller skirt; perfect for your fairy tale night!

Slender Sweetheart

Accent your streamline physique by selecting a more fitted dress that creates shape. You can do this with an empire waist, asymmetric neckline, belt or with a thigh slit to add curves.  Faviana Style 7543 is perfect for you because of the high slit but also because the slight side cutouts will give the illusion of curves.  I would recommend staying away from styles that have too much fabric as that might drown your body.  And since you are naturally gifted with a slender frame, show it off!

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