10 Ways To Upgrade Your Instagram Story

Instagram recently jumped on the bandwagon by having their own stories feature, following in Snapchat’s footsteps. We see so many Instagram worthy restaurants and blogger posts, wishing we could make a brand for ourselves on social media that easily. too! Well now you can with these 10 simple ways to upgrade your Instagram story game!

Upgrade Your Instagram Story Tip #1: Snapseed

upgrade your instagram story
Photo Credit: Photography Playground

There are many tips and tricks to social media, some we may not even know about yet. For example, to edit an image, you can use a completely different app. Snapseed is a professional photo editor that perfects any photo with filters, tools, and effects. Simply take your photo, edit it in the app, and then upload it into your story!

Tip #2: Boomerangs

upgrade your instagram story
Photo Credit: TechCrunch

Pull-in or take Boomerangs on Instagram and upload them to your story. Just swipe down on the screen to choose from images taken within the past 24 hours. Unlike Snapchat where the images appear with a border, Instagram makes it look like you’re posting everything as it happens. Boomerangs are an easy and fun way to make a live photo pop, or to show a snip of an action.

Tip #3: Hype Type

upgrade your instagram story
Photo Credit: iDownloadBlog

Another fun app to use with your Instagram story is Hype Type. This literally hypes your stories with automatically styled and designed motion type. Your pictures and videos will be sure to stand out with the animated text filters, music, and different aspect ratios.

Tip #4: Play With Color

upgrade your instagram
Photo Credit: Sugar & Cloth

A little extra color goes a long way in Instagram stories. To make your text stand out from the background, tap the “A” text icon in the top middle of the screen to highlight your words in the color of your choice. Another way to brighten up your text is by highlighting all of it, then holding one finger on the color to the far right and one on the far right end of your text. Drag both fingers slowly to the left, and you have a rainbow! You can watch an easy tutorial here. Our last color hack is pressing down on an individual color to have access to the entire color wheel, instead of being limited to the nine-color palette.

Tip #5: Go Live

ways to upgrade your instagram
Photo Credit: Refinery29

Not only should you try a live video, but it is also possible to double-up on live and bring a friend into your live broadcast. Simply tap the faces logo that appears in the bottom right-hand corner after starting your broadcast and invite a friend to join. If you want to give your live video extra life, choose the “share” option that appears after ending your video. This lets you replay the footage on your story for an extra 24 hours so that friends who didn’t catch it in the moment can now watch it.

Tip #6: Rewind It

upgrade your instagram story
Photo Credit: Romper

Anyone can post a video. To make yours cooler though? Play it backwards. Reverse the laws of gravity with Instagram Stories’ rewind camera mode. When you open the camera, swipe over to “Rewind.” Then, film a video like you normally would and watch the trippy result.

Tip #7: Floating Selfie

upgrade your instagram
Photo Credit: Refinery29

You can let your floating head do the talking with this cool effect. Create a selfie sticker that you can place anywhere in any photo in a few easy steps. Just tap the stickers folder in the upper right-hand corner and choose the camera icon. Take a photo, then tap the selfie to add a circular white border around the frame. Move your face around as you please!

Tip #8: Pen Tips

upgrade your instagramPut your finger pen to work with this one. It isn’t easy to draw without a stylus, however it makes for a more appealing effect. You have the option to change up your pen tip which helps, too. Just press the far left bubble icon in your color palette to adjust the size. Changing your pen tip is also an easy to create a thought bubble in your picture. Use a smaller tip to create dots up to one larger bubble, which you can create by using the largest pen tip size possible.

Tip #9: Size Up

upgrade your instagram story
Photo Credit: Refinery29

We all love using emojis, so it’s inevitably they’ll end up in our Instagram stories. Nonetheless, they don’t have to always be so small. Show it and any text some love by pinching it with your fingers to expand. Just be careful it’s not too large, or the emojis will appear pixelated.

Tip #10: Hashtag & Location

geostickers to upgrade your instagram stories
Photo Credit: Innovation Village

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, add a hashtag to upgrade your Instagram story. This links your story to similar content on Instagram. Therefore, anyone who watches your story will be able to click the hashtag to see other posts featuring the same hashtag, while others can easily find your story as well! Instagram stories also have cute geo-stickers to share your location. Unlike Snapchat’s where you can only pick one geofilter, Instagram allows you to use their location based stickers and add even more stickers to your photos or videos.

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