Pride Makeup With The Tarte X Jessie Paege Palette

Pride month is almost over, but if you live in NYC then the best part of pride month is coming up this weekend! The NYC Pride March takes place on June 30 and it is not only a civil rights demonstration, but it has come to emphasize the fight against aids and the remembrance of members of the LGBTQ+ community who have been lost to illness, neglect and violence. The Pride March also serves as a reminder for those in the community about how far we have come, but also how much work we have left to do in the fight for full equality.


One of my favorite parts about pride month is seeing the different clothing that the fashion industry creates for pride month. The Pride March attracts a large crowd to NYC and many choose to wear the latest fashion trends which is always interesting to see. In addition to clothing, many cosmetics brands have created products for Pride in which a portion of the profits are donated to different LGBTQ+ organizations. YouTube influencer Jessie Paege collaborated with Tarte Cosmetics this month to create the Let It Rain-bow Eye Set. Sephora is donating $1 from every purchase of this product to LGBTQ+ organizations during the month of June!

What Shades Are In The Palette?

Photo Credit: Sephora

The Tarte X Jessie Paege Pride Palette comes with 8 different shapes representing all of the colors of the rainbow and more. ‘This Is It’ is a bold matte red shade that serves as a great beginning to any rainbow look. ‘All In’ is a bright matte orange shade which shouts excitement. Not only can this shade be used for a pride look, but it would look amazing in a sunset inspired look. ‘Go For It’ is a bright yellow shade, but it is not so bold that it would take away from the rest of the look. If you are looking for a bold yellow, I would suggest the yellow shade from Aquaria’s palette because it is very intense. ‘You Can’ is a mint green shade and works great to add that pop of green that every rainbow needs. 

‘Happening’ is probably my favorite shade in the palette because it is more on the metallic and glittery side. This shade is a stunning aqua color and is not only great for a pride look, but for a mermaid fantasy inspired look. ‘Hustle’ is similar to the previous shade, but it is more of a matte baby blue color. The first thing I thought of when I saw this shade was a potential gender reveal look which would be pretty neat. “Ambitious” is one of the prettiest pink shades I have ever seen. It is that perfect combination between ballet pink and hot pink. The last shade in the palette is ‘Risktaker’ which is a vibrant metallic purple which is great for ending the rainbow in your pride inspired look. 

Treasure Pot Glitter Gel – Pride

Pride glitter pot tarte
Photo Credit: Sephora

In addition to the Tarte X Jessie Paege Pride Palette, Tarte also came out with a limited edition Treasure Pot Glitter Gel in Pride. This is a rainbow glitter gel that can be used to top off any makeup look! I use this product as a highlighter on a daily basis because I think it is absolutely stunning and I absolutely love glitter. This can also be added to your hair, eyebrows, and face to create a bold and beautiful look. I can say that this glitter gel actually stays on your skin unlike other glitter gels I have tried in the past. Not only is it of high quality, but the glitter reflects come in different shapes like hearts which make it even cuter!

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