Imagination Pink And Magic Mirror Metallic Merchandise Arrives At Walt Disney World

Are you into summer fashion and the latest fashion trends? If you are, then you might want to take a look at Disney’s new Imagination Pink and Magic Mirror Metallic apparel and accessories. Last week, Disney released two new lines and people have been freaking out on social media. Take a look at some of the items from the Imagination Pink and Magic Mirror lines that you might want to get your hands on next time you visit Walt Disney World

Imagination Pink 

Imagination Pink is a stunning vibrant hot pink and was inspired by one of Epcot’s most popular characters, Figment. Figment is all about taking a look inside of your imagination and the power of creativity to set you free. I absolutely love this Imagination Pink color because it is the exact shade of pink I adore and it has a little bit of sparkle which makes it even more gorgeous! 

Photo Credit: DisMerchandise

You can’t go to Disney without wearing a pair of Mickey ears. There is an Imagination Pink glitter and sequin ear headband that will make your inner princess shine through while having fun in the parks. The ears are $27.99 and not only make for a great fashion accessory, but also a great souvenir if you have never been to Disney.

Photo Credit: ShopDisney

Disney has had so much success with their past spirit jerseys in Millennial Pink and Purple Potion. If you want a spirit jersey to match your ears, then you are in luck because the Imagination Pink spirit jersey is infashion. The spirit jersey is long sleeve and has silver accents which are absolutely stunning. I think this spirit jersey is the best one Disney has released because the combination works perfectly together and does not fade out the writing like it has in the past. The spirit jersey is a little more on the pricey side at $64.99, but they are high quality and work well as loungewear.

Photo Credit: MagicalEarsCollectibles

Now if you want to be decked out in Imagination Pink, then you need the matching Loungefly bag. Loungefly bags are absolutely amazing and come in so many different colors, styles, and patterns. This Imagination Pink Loungefly is so sparkly and full of sequins that it is so blinding in the sun. I have a few Loungefly bags and they look tiny, but they are actually pretty spacious inside and are perfect for a long day in the parks!

Magic Mirror Metallic

Magic Mirror Metallic was inspired by the Evil Queen’s magic mirror from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The Magic Mirror merchandise is so sparkly, bright, and fun and is great for those who want a more neutral tone that can match with nearly every color. 

Photo Credit: ShopDisney

The Magic Mirror Metallic glitter and sequin ear headband is absolutely gorgeous and will make you feel elegant and royal. I used to have a pair of silver ears that looked very similar to these, but I think they discontinued for some reason, but I am so glad they are making a comeback! This ear headband costs $27.99 and is a great way to top off any outfit!

There is no spirit jersey for the Magic Mirror Metallic ears, but the silver in the Imagination Pink makes it to where you can wear either pair of ears and it will still match!

Photo Credit: ShopDisney

There is a Magic Mirror Metallic Loungefly backpack and I can’t get enough. The backpack is transparent and is covered with iridescent metallic Mickey icons. This would also pair perfectly with the ears for a royal silver look that will make you the real princess of Magic Kingdom. This bag is pretty expensive at $80, so it is ultimately your decision whether you like this one or the Imagination Pink bag better!

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