32 Facts You Didn’t Know About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the talk of the new year, with their wedding date set for May 19th, 2018. How did this actress on Suits make her way into the British Royal Family though? We’re here to uncover all facts for you on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

prince harry and meghan markle
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are probably one of the cutest couples we have seen. However, there are many aspects of their relationship that we don’t know about…yet ;).

  • They hold hands in public, which is actually against royal code.
  • They are one of the only royal couples to get married on the weekend.
  • Their engagement wasn’t official until the Queen gave her written consent for marriage.
  • Meghan is quitting Suits to marry Harry.
  • Harry had a crush on Meghan first.
  • They met in London and were introduced by their friends.
  • Meghan will become a Duchess, not a princess, once she is married to Harry.
  • After meeting in July, they kept their relationship a secret for 6 months.
  • They connected over their love for charity work and helping others.
  • Meghan needs to be baptized and confirmed in the church before their wedding.
  • Meghan is older than Harry by 3 years.
  • Harry designed her engagement ring.

Prince Harry

prince harry and meghan markle
Photo Credit: The Daily Beast

We know Prince Harry is a (handsome) prince, part of the Royal Family, and brothers with William. What else is there to him?

  • His name isn’t actually Harry – it’s Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales.
  • Diana called him “My little Spencer” because his red hair comes from her family.
  • He was the first member of the Royal Family to go to the South Pole.
  • He attended Sandhurst military academy and served in Afghanistan.
  • Harry set up the Sentebale charity to help AIDS orphans in South Africa.
  • One of his favorite films is Zulu.
  • He founded the Invictus Games, an Olympics-style athletic event.
  • Harry just turned 30, and just received his inheritance from his parents.
  • He enjoys playing FIFA and supports the London football team Arsenal.

Meghan Markle

prince harry and meghan markle
Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

Let’s just talk about Meghan Markle alone for a minute. We may all be jealous she’s marrying into a Royal Family, but did you know these surprising facts?

  • Meghan’s not her real name, that’s actually her middle name. Her first name is Rachel, the same name as her character on Suits.
  • She was once a professional calligrapher.
  • Meghan is biracial, her mother is black and her father is white.
  • She was once a briefcase model on the show, Deal or No Deal.
  • She designed two collections for the Canadian retailer Reitmans.
  • This is her second marriage and is a divorcee.
  • Meghan double-majored in theatre and international relations, and loves politics.
  • She has two adorable adopted dogs, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres.
  • She founded a lifestyle blog called the Tig.
  • She’s best friends with Serena Williams.
  • Meghan’s allegedly related to William Shakespeare.

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