4 Professional Hairstyles to Try

Have an important event tonight and not sure what to do with your hair? Do you struggle finding an easy, cute hair style that you can quickly do in the morning before work? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these issues, keep reading, because we are going to show you 4 simple professional hairstyles to try!

Professional Hairstyles: The Donut Bun

professional hairstyles
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Nothing is simpler than a sleek, pushed back bun with a twist. Change up your look with a donut bun! You can find these donuts at any beauty store or on amazonWith this extremely easy and neat up-do, you can look put together in less than 5 minutes. It’s very simple- start off with putting your hair up in a ponytail; this will be the base of your bun. Next, hold the end of your ponytail and spread the hair over the donut. Simply roll the donut down to your pony. Adjust your hair to make sure the donut is not peaking through. To secure the bun, use bobby pins as needed and finish off with hair spray. The donut bun is a classy and professional hairstyle that has been trending lately.

Professional Hairstyles: The Perfect Pony

professional hairstyles
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One easy professional look is the standard pony. Simply pull your hair back and up into a high ponytail. Secure your hair with a rubber band and spritz your hair with hair spray to get rid of the fly aways. To make your ponytail appear fuller, stick two bobby pins vertically underneath your ponytail through the hair tie. This secret will make your hair look more fluffed and voluminous.

Professional Hairstyles: Short and Wavy

professional hairstyles
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Got short hair and feel like you can’t style it? One of our favorite professional hairstyles are simple, braided waves. Before you go to bed, braid your hair into sections. Spray some hair spray on them and leave them in overnight. When you wake up, you are left with natural, wavy hair. This look is so simple and cute and is perfect for the woman who is constantly rushing to work and doesn’t have time to do her hair in the morning.  With this look, there is no need to set your alarm clock earlier or stress about your hair in the morning.

Professional Hairstyles: Long and Sleek

professional hairstyles
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You can never go wrong with a straight, sleek hair look. All you need is a blow dryer and a flat iron to achieve this look. Straighten your hair, push it back behind your ears, add some hair spray, and you are done! Having your hair pulled back makes you look clean, professional, and ready for the world ahead.

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