5 Disney Inspired Danielle Nicole Bags You Need

Everyone needs a nice crossbody, right? Well you’re in luck because designer Danielle Nicole has you covered with her line of handbags. Disney, Looney Tunes, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones are just a few of the brands that Danielle Nicole has collaborated with to create exquisite bags for people of all ages. I am obsessed with everything Disney related and when I came across these bags, I knew I had to try them. If you are looking to add a little magic to your day to day outfit, you can’t go wrong with one of these Disney X Danielle Nicole handbags. 

1. Tangled Lantern Crossbody

Danielle Nicole
Photo Credit: Danielle Nicole

I’ve always wanted to see the floating lanterns gleam, but unfortunately I’m still waiting for that day to come. In the meantime, I’ve came across this lantern crossbody bag inspired by “Tangled” and it is my absolute favorite bag. The crossbody is a gold color and is decorated with the famous “Tangled” sun. This bag is particularly unique because Danielle Nicole added twinkling lights for a little extra sparkle. This crossbody is perfect for a day in the park, a trip to the city or a walk to the grocery store. This bag costs $72 which is a bit expensive, but for the quality and theming it is definitely worth the money. 

2. Mulan Crossbody

Photo Credit: Danielle Nicole

The live-action version of “Mulan” was recently announced and people are going crazy over it. While the movie doesn’t come out for a while, it is never too early to prepare your outfit for when you go watch it! This Danielle Nicole “Mulan” crossbody bag features both Mulan and Ping which can be seen upon opening. I love the versatility of this bag and think it is great for a day in the theme parks or just to show off your favorite princess! This bag costs $78 which is hefty, but the quality of Danielle Nicole bags are like no other. 

3. Pocahontas Dress Crossbody

Photo Credit: Danielle Nicole

If you are looking for a place to hide Meeko’s biscuits, then this crossbody is perfect for you. This crossbody was inspired by the famous outfit Pocahontas wears in the film and if the bag wasn’t as small, I would probably think this was the actual dress itself. I have worn this bag as part of a Pocahontas Disneybound in order to provide a clear signal of who I was supposed to be. It might be hard to match this bag with an everyday outfit, but if you find yourself wearing black, white, brown, or teal than it would match perfectly! This bag costs $68 and although it is a little cheaper than the first two, the quality is still what you would expect from a Danielle Nicole bag.

4. Woody Crossbody Bag

Photo Credit: Danielle Nicole

“Toy Story 4” recently came out and if you love Woody and Bullseye as much as I do, then you need to get your hands on this Toy Story crossbody. This bag would be perfect for a trip to Toy Story Land or for a date to the movies! If want to show off your favorite cowboy, this bag is the perfect way to do that while still looking fashionable. This crossbody costs $68 which is standard and is honestly a good deal considering how recently the movie was released. 

5. Magic Carpet Crossbody

Danielle Nicole
Photo Credit: Danielle Nicole

The live-action “Aladdin” recently came out and it took audiences worldwide to a whole new world. See what I did there?! This magic carpet crossbody is such a gorgeous and subtle way of telling the world how much you love Aladdin and Jasmine without looking crazy. I was waiting for a magic carpet bag to be released and the fact that Danielle Nicole came out with one is no surprise because she is always thinking outside of the box. This bag costs $58 and is probably the best steal considering how spacious the bag is. 

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