5 Flattering Poses for Homecoming

Every girl dreams of looking fabulous at her homecoming dance. Weeks leading up to the homecoming can be stressful, as you try to find (or achieve) the perfect date, the perfect hair and makeup, the perfect shoes, and of course, the perfect dress!

Before you order your dream homecoming dress, you have to identify your body type first so that you know the dress type that looks best on you. Faviana gowns for different body types will not only make you stand out but also highlight your beautiful curves.

Back in my younger days, I’d cringe at the sight of my awkward homecoming photos not because my dress sucked, but rather, I didn’t know how to work it in front of the camera (I blame my 16-year-old self for being so camera shy!). Flaunt that stunning dress with confidence! Make your homecoming poses worthy of being displayed on your room’s photo wall.

As soon as you get your dress, try it on, stand in front of a mirror, and experiment with different poses. Whip out your smartphone, too, so you can snap selfies and see which poses work. Here are five flattering poses for different kinds of dresses that you can try!

One-foot Forward

Faviana-Style-7747-White | Faviana
Faviana Style 7747

You’re the prettiest girl in the room, and don’t ever doubt that! If your dress has a slit on one side, put a leg out, place one hand on your waist, then pose. You’ll look gorgeous posing with a lot of confidence in your slit dress.


Faviana-style-7851-red | Faviana
Faviana Style 7851

The cross-legged pose works well on almost any kind of dress. Just put your right foot in front of your left foot and put both hands on the hip. Especially for an hourglass body type, this pose can complement it by highlighting the curves and making the waist look much slimmer.

Over the Shoulder

Faviana-style-7902-7901 | Faviana
Faviana Style 7901 & 7902

This pose is perfect for off-shouldered dresses, one-shouldered dresses, and dresses with must-see back details. To achieve it, look away from the camera then turn your head a little. As you face the camera, keep your chin slightly up so that your neck will still be visible in the picture.

Sitting-down Pose

faviana-style-7874-black-red | Faviana
Faviana Style 7874

Maximize the props around the area. If you’re going to take a photo sitting down, always remember to keep your feet close. Since you’re possibly wearing a cocktail dress, mind the position of your feet and knees so that you wouldn’t look awkward. Show them your biggest smile, as if you and your partner have just won the Couple of the Night award!

Knee Bend

faviana-style-s7866 | Faviana
Faviana Style S7866

If you’re going to wear a short dress, the knee bend is the pose for you. Put your hand on your waist, put your weight on your right foot, then slightly bend your knee. Don’t keep your feet too far from each other. Show off the amazing dress that you’re wearing and those pair of to-die-for heels.

Additional Tips:

1. Wear the most comfortable heels.

2. Always carry a clutch bag or pouch.

3. If you feel sweaty, retouch.

4. Always flash your sparkling smile.

5. Don’t forget to have fun!

The homecoming dress is the most important detail in every girl’s homecoming dance. It’s either you let the dress wear you down, or you wear it with pride. With these poses, you can find flattering angles that will highlight not only the beauty of your dress but your body figure as well. Any dress you wear will be perfect as long as it is paired with confidence, and of course, your sweetest smile!

Show us your model behavior! If any of these poses worked for you and your Faviana gown, tag us @Faviana_NY and @GlamAndGowns.


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