5 Perfect Gifts For Him This Christmas

You’re sure to be inspired by our list of 5 perfect gifts for him this Christmas. It can be hard to decide what to get the men in your life this holiday season. For girls and women, there is a wide range of gift ideas, and it can be easier if we are buying for a mom or sister. However, some may consider it more difficult to shop for guys. From our dads and brothers to friends and boyfriends, we came up with some ideas for this Christmas. If you want to buy a touching gift and receive a genuinely excited reaction, read on! 

1. Cologne & Grooming Sets

gifts for him
Source: Sephora

Did you know that Sephora carries mens products? Well, yes, indeed they do, from fragrances and skincare to shaving and hair products. Inside Sephora’s Favorites Cologne Sampler, you’ll find 12 samples of some of the best selling and smelling men’s fragrances. This is the perfect gift for any lover of cologne. But it gets even better!  Your giftee can test out the different scents and then redeem their favorite one in a full sized bottle. Cologne sets are great gifts for him that will be used and appreciated on a daily basis.

If you’re thinking on the end of a grooming set, there are some great options out in the market. If you’re dad sports a beard or your brother is just starting to grow out his facial hair, consider a shaving kit! The Art of Shaving sells one that has all the elements needed for the perfect shave. Men may know know the struggle of razor bumps, and this is the perfect solution. Kiehl’s also offers a value set that is a complete head-to-toe grooming routine for the guy on-the-go. This high end skincare brand will change up any man’s routine for the better.

2. Headphones & Speakers

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Source: Apple

It may be safe to say that we all know a music-fanatic. They are constantly jamming out, discussing, and breathing everything music. While tickets to see your friend or family member’s favorite band in concert may be too pricey for your budget, headphones are the perfect gifts for him. These days there a so many types of of headphones for different listening preferences. Beats by Dre and Bose have popular noise-cancellation headphones. They have an old-school, bulkier look to them and are usually available in an array of colors. Beats has clearly become a top ranking brand of this generation. Figure out what the best option is for the guy in your life. Pick out a pair that he would want but also one that he may not splurge on for himself.

Speakers are also a perfect gift idea. Portable or mini speakers are great for traveling because they can be easily packed for on the go use. It is great for personal and public use with friends and family. Give the gift of music this Christmas!

3. Perfect Gifts For Him – Something Quirky

gifts for him
Source: Express UK

If your dad, brother, friend, or boyfriend have a unique sense of humor or style, buy them something that reflects that. Dig deep and think of the quirky traits and preferences  that make them, them. If you have fun with this, your thought, time, and effort will be noticed and well worth it. For your dad, consider a cocktail kit or their favorite retro game. You may be on different wavelengths from your brother, but you’re close enough to know what they enjoy! Quirky gifts like a membership to the Sock of the Month club or a mini foosball table may be the perfect idea. For your guy friends, think of what makes them tick and buy an authentic movie poster or candy dispenser filled with their favorite treats. For your boyfriend, you may go all out. A cell phone projector is a unique gift or an outdoor tool kit can be practical.

4. An Experience of a Lifetime

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If you have adventurous men in your life who love new journeys, why don’t you give them an experience of a lifetime? Maybe he has always wanted to go skydiving, scuba diving, wine tasting, or concert going. Find out what he’s always wanted to do and make it happen. He will love this idea and will probably love it even more if you do it together.

Cloud9Living is a website that makes gift-giving easy with over 2,000 unforgettable experiences for every taste, budget, and style. You will find the perfect gift for him for anyone on your list.

5. Something with Sentimental Value

When we were children, we would make arts and crafts for our parents and it made them ecstatic. Trust us, the excitement of receiving a homemade ans sentimental gift never gets old. Create or buy something that will make his heart smile. A scrapbook or photo album is a great idea for your dad or boyfriend.  This can be a way for you both to connect with past memories and be unique to your relationship. Sentimental gifts for him are priceless and very different from your average gift. It shows that you have put thought into this gift and it isn’t merely an expensive or materialistic gift.

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