5 Things you Need to do to Keep your Hair Happy and Healthy this Winter

Are you sick of Jack Frost nipping at your split ends? With prom season quickly approaching, chilly weather does not have to be the cause of your hair-do drama. There are a few simple ways to wash, or in this case, not wash those winter related hair blues away. It is crucial to remember that during these dreary days, you will feel good if you look good! From keeping your frizz-free hair styled with your fabulous Faviana gown to bringing texture back to a brittle beauty routine, here are the five ways to keep your hair happy and healthy this winter.

Deep Condition Those Dead EndsFive Ways To Rid Yourself Of Those Winter Hair Worries | Dead Ends | Faviana

Dullness, breakage and split ends can occur as a result of being subjected to wintery weather. There is no reason to panic if you have begun to notice the life leaving your once glossy and glowing tresses.

Deep conditioning can be a great way to bring some of the nourishment back to damaged hair. These conditioners are composed of proteins that are specifically meant to bring moisture back to dry hair. Since these treatments usually take about twenty to thirty minutes, you can set time aside for yourself once a week to condition your hair while you catch up on your favorite fashion blog, Glam & Gowns! The softness, smoothness and smiles that will result from a good deep conditioning are worth investing in. We recommend trying the Living Proof, No Frizz, Leave-In Conditioner.

Fight The Frizz Five Ways To Rid Yourself Of Those Winter Hair Worries | Fight the Frizz | Faviana

Balloons may make great decorations for a birthday party, but no one wants to look like one went astray, and rubbed up against the top of their head. Static is the evil twin sister of frizz, who is looking to make her grand entrance when we create too much friction in our hair; not to mention cold temperatures increase dryness, which increases static. Make sure to watch the way you are drying your hair if you want to avoid static and her twin sister, frizz. If you are opting to towel dry your hair, use the towel gently and sparingly to avoid additional breakage which can occur when twisting your hair too hard. Pay attention to the type of towel you are using as well because a thick bath towel can be the frizz causing culprit. Microfiber towels and t-shirts can be useful alternatives when trying to decrease frizz. Read more about how to keep your hair moisturized and frizz free in our Winter Beauty Qualms post.

“Sleep on it” is not just a useful expression that is often emphasized when making important decisions; it is also relevant when trying to keep your hair frizz free. Letting your hair air dry while you sleep can eliminate some of the stubborn puffiness that styling it the day or night prior created. You can wake up the next day feeling refreshed and radiant.  Another great tip is to sleep on a silk pillowcase, but not just just any silk pillowcase.  You need a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase.  The seamlessness, coolness, and softness provides an environment for your hair to break less and create less static, while increasing shine. It also prevents skin wrinkles.  Talk about beauty sleep!

Trim Your Troubles DownFive Ways To Rid Yourself Of Those Winter Hair Worries | Trim | Faviana

Most people grow emotionally attached to their hair, but if you truly love something you must let it go. Trimming your hair does not have to be as dramatic as I initially introduced it to be, but it is a key component of keeping your hair happy and healthy! A simple trim every six to eight weeks can save you the pain of getting a traumatic haircut to remove long and overdue split ends. We all know a hairdresser who gets too sneaky with her scissors when you go in for in for less than frequent trips to the salon. Trimming those dead ends will keep you and your hairdresser happy!

Avoid Over WashingFive Ways To Rid Yourself Of Those Winter Hair Worries | Avoid Washing | Faviana

While washing our hair might seem like the most natural and relaxing act in the world, it can be damaging if done excessively. Shampoo is meant to trap oils, but it can dry your hair out if you are washing it on a daily basis. The natural dirt and oils in our hair can actually act as a protective barrier for your skin. There is no scientific answer that points out how often you should be shampooing your hair since it ultimately comes down to your own personal preferences. Some beauty experts insist you should go at least two to three days without washing because second or third day hair is easier to style than squeaky clean hair.  Read more about why Kim Kardashian West only washes her hair twice a week here.

Experiment With New HairstylesFive Ways To Rid Yourself Of Those Winter Hair Worries | Different Hairstyles | Faviana

Winter might keep you inside, but it does not have to keep you down! Winter and those cold weather days is the perfect time to watch different beauty tutorials or flip through some of your favorite magazines for some hairspo. Whether you are looking to switch up your everyday look or find that perfect updo for the big day, use this time inside to find innovative ideas. Coco Channel insisted that a woman who is about to change her hair is about to change her life. How can you not be inspired to try a new hairstyle out after hearing that quote from Coco? The most important aspect of developing a new hairstyle is having fun with it, and feeling confident in your own skin. If all else fails, you can put your hood on and blame it on the frigid temperatures!

Keeping your hair healthy and happy during the winter may seem like a full-time job, but it can also be a way to pamper yourself during a dreary time of the year.

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