5 Ways To Burn Calories Without Going To The Gym

Summer is right around the corner and what if I told you there is a way to burn calories and get in shape without going to the gym? It sounds crazy, but there are actually some fun ways to burn calories that you have probably never even thought about. While I don’t suggest stopping going on your daily morning run, these activities are great for days when you want to switch up your routine and have some fun!

Hula Hoop

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The last time you probably used a hula hoop was during recess in elementary school. While it might seem like an activity for children, hula hooping can be practiced by people of all ages. Not to mention there are so many cool tricks to do with a hula hoop that you probably can perfect as a teenager. According to a study from the American Council on Exercise, a half hour of hula hooping burns around 210 calories. While that might not seem like a lot, you probably spend hours watching Netflix so why not hula hoop for 30 of those minutes and get in shape!


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I think bowling is one of the most underrated activities. Not only is it fun, but it actually requires skill to succeed. According to Redbook, 30 minutes of bowling burns nearly 102 calories. The last time I went bowling was at a friend’s birthday party in fourth grade, but now that I know it burns calories I might go try and get some strikes more often!


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Wait, did you say laugh? Laughing out loud while out to dinner with your girlfriends or curling up under the blanket and watching a sitcom are all common places where you laugh. According to a study from Vanderbilt University, the average adult burns 1.3 calories per minute when laughing out loud. Laughing is a two for one deal where it makes you feel happy and also burns calories during the process!


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If you want to make your backyard look like one from HGTV, then you might want to start tending to your garden. Flowers have the ability to boost one’s mood and memory with their oxygenating properties. Not only can you experience mental and emotional benefits, but you can also burn a lot of calories from gardening. According to RedBook, you can burn nearly 113 calories by gardening for 30 minutes. Not only will you be making your house look nicer, but you will be doing your body a favor!


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Cleaning is not an enjoyable activity for many, but for some others find a sense of comfort and stress relief when they clean. If you are one of those people who like to clean, that is good news for you because doing daily chores can help you burn calories without even trying. According to Self, washing windows for 14 minutes burns nearly 45 calories and vacuuming for 10 minutes burns around 37 calories. That is a decent amount of calories burned for something you need to do eventually!


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  1. I had no idea how many Calories that laughing burned, that is mind blowing because I love bowling! My friends and I get together at our local bowling alley at least once a month, and if we don’t meet there, we’re at home watching stand up comedy laughing until we cry! I am so glad to know my most enjoyable moments in life are not only improving my mental health, but also my physical!

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