8 Ways to Make Your Life Greener

These days its all about what you can do to reduce your impact on the earth, and how you can try to make small changes to become more earth friendly. This year, to celebrate Earth Day, here at Faviana we wanted to look into a few ways for us all do our part to give the earth some love. Even small changes make a difference! See what you can do to make yourself more environmentally friendly, and challenge yourself for Earth Day. Here are our tips for 8 Ways to Make Your Life Greener!

1. Reusable Bags

reusable bag-favianaThe Brattleboro Reformer

Many of us already carry around a million bags, so this one is a no-brainer. Have a reusable shopping bag tucked into your usual bag, so whenever you find yourself at the store you can use it. Go for something with sturdy handles, so you only have to carry one or two bags! Save yourself from that massive pile of plastic bags we all have in our kitchen pantries, and try to train yourself to need less plastic. Better yet, invest in a bag made from recycled plastic!

2. Wash in Cold

While warm water seems like the best way for a deep clean, cool water is actually better for keeping bright colors in clothing!  Try switching your laundry routine to cold water, and invest in a biodegradable laundry detergent. Cold water is also a great way to avoid shrinking that sweater that fits perfectly!

3. Turn Everything Off

unplug-favianaHuffington Post

We all often forget that many appliances still use energy even when they aren’t turned on. Get in the habit of unplugging the toaster and your hair curler every time you are done using them. Also challenge yourself to turn off all lights when you leave a room!

4. Compost

This is new in many cities, so check if your city has started to compost! This is an easy way to dispose of food waste, and give back to the earth. Some cities even provide the bin, which you can put out on the curb with your trash on trash day.

5. Buy Local

buy local produce-favianaCamarena Memorial Library

Not only is it great to support your local shops and neighbors, but it’s actually very energy efficient! Look into buying your favorite seasonal fruits and veggies as local as you can get them. Local products reduce costs in transportation and shipping, thus reducing their carbon footprint. They are also so much fresher!

6. Meatless Mondays

The process of processing and packaging meat for sale in grocery stores creates lots of waste. If you love a good burger, or need that added protein in your caesar salad, try reducing meat just one day a week. If everyone did it imagine the impact it would have!

7. Donate or Repurpose

closet-favianaTwenty Something Living

Many of us fashion lovers have closets full of clothes we outgrew or don’t love anymore, so why not donate them! Second hand stores and thrift stores are a great way for someone else to get some use out of something you no longer want, and this ultimately helps reduce waste in the fashion industry. Don’t ever wear something but don’t want to give it up? Try some DIY projects to repurpose your favorite items, like cut off shorts or turning that favorite dress into a skirt. Also check out our Upcycle Program if you are looking to donate your prom dress!

8. Educate Yourself!

Take some initiative and look into ways that you can personally become more green! Do a little Earth Day research and see if you can make a few small changes that could make a big impact. Check out local organizations who specialize in making green changes in your community, or volunteer for a charity that does something you are passionate about!

What do you do to make your life greener? Do you have some earth-friendly tips to share? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.




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