How to Achieve The Perfect Pony

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For this guide, we are going to take some of our inspiration from the ponytail goddess herself, Serena Van Der Woodson, formally known as Blake Lively. Looking to achieve this look? We put together some tips used to create a pony just as chic as hers.

Back Combing: This is an essential step in creating a voluminous hairstyle. Once you have created the simple pulled back pony, high or low (as desired), you will take a fine tooth comb and make a backwards motion to your hair. So, instead of a brushing out movement, you will be brushing the hair downwards. Go throughout your pony creating the desired amount of volume. WARNING: be careful, this can create a huge knot if not done correctly!

Texture Spray: Adding a texture spray will do just what the name says, add texture. This really helps if you have thin hair. Try adding this before you back comb and it really will make a difference.

Perfect Pony |Twist | Faviana

Adding A Twist: A twist can be anything from a fringe braid, pony braid, or a literal twist. This will kick your hairstyle up a notch. This is one of our favorite looks that we are obsessed with.

Perfect Pony |Double | Faviana

Longer and thicker: Again, if you suffer from thin hair, this will help. This will also help out the ladies with shorter hair. First off, split your hair into two sections. One at the top of your head and the second where a medium ponytail would sit. Readjust the top so it sits at a reasonable spot to create a flow between the two pony tails. After you have accomplished this step, add some hair spray and voila, you’re all done.

Perfect Pony | Kim K | Faviana

Another pony goddess is KK (Kim Kardashian-West) herself. She is known for her slicked back ponies with a deep side part or all pulled back looks.

Getting the ‘Slicked Back Look’:

The product you use is essential to keeping your hair in place. There are so many of them but you need to find one that works best for you. Check out some of these:

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum: This is a personal favorite. This drugstore find accommodates all hair types and creates such a classic look.

Living Proofs – Hold Firm Hairspray: Sometimes your hair works with you better if hairspray is involved. Living Proofs – Hold Firm Hairspray will do just the trick.

L’Oreal Paris Clean Gel, Strong Hold: What about gel? L’Oreal Paris Clean Gel, Strong Hold is what we recommend to keep your fly-aways in place.

Quick Tip: Hide your hair tie by taking a small section of hair from the bottom of your pony. Gently brush out the section. Next, tightly wrap the strand around the base of your pony tail, where the hair tie is showing. Use a bobby pin that matches your hair color and pin. Use hairspray for an extra hold.

Taking one of these two looks will give you a great starting point for adding your own personal flare. We’d love to see! So, tag us in your pictures on social media: @Faviana_NY & @FavianaNY




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