Advice for Traveling Alone

For many of us as we get older, we have the opportunity to travel! If you are planning to travel alone, or are studying abroad, there are a few tricks to making your journey a bit more fun, and a whole lot safer. Here at Faviana we love to travel, so we gathered some of our best tips for traveling alone, from our personal experiences, to set you up for an amazing trip. Here is Faviana’s Advice for Traveling Alone!

Plan Ahead

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The key to a fun and safe trip is planning ahead! Make yourself a loose itinerary, and share it with someone you trust. This will ensure that someone knows where you likely are during your trip. Always be sure to check in with someone at the end of each day!

Carry Emergency Contact Information

Phones get lost, or stolen, all the time. Make sure that you carry emergency contact information for friends or family somewhere besides your phone. Tuck a note in your purse, or in the back of your passport for safe keeping.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

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If you’re traveling alone you only have yourself to keep track of your things! Make sure your money, credit cards and phone are all stored close to your body, and check on them whenever you are in a crowded place. Keep backpacks on one shoulder as well, so you have control over who is close to your bag. Also be sure to get a phone case that will protect your phone while traveling!

Be Selfish

Traveling alone means that it’s all about you! Make a list of all the things you are dying to see, and do them all! Take advantage of not having to work around other people and make this trip your trip. Traveling can be very tiring, so be sure you also take lots of time to sit back, relax and soak in your fabulous independence.

Take Pictures

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One of the best parts of traveling is showing people your pictures when you get back! Take pictures of all of the best parts of your trip, and make sure to note where or what things are. Throw in a few selfies for later Instagram posting as well! However, make sure not to get too wrapped up in the pictures and forget to actually look at the sights.


Traveling is the perfect time to journal as new places are endlessly inspiring. If you have never journaled, this is the time to start! There are no rules to journaling, so try it out and see what works for you! Journals are also a perfect place to keep track of all the places you go, which will make it easy for you to look back on your trip while you tell everyone about your trip.

The key to traveling alone is being safe for sure, but it’s also about putting yourself out of your comfort zone and having new experiences!

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