Alternative Accessories to Rock with Your Prom Gown!


The only thing worse than someone wearing the same prom dress as you is someone saying she wore it better than you! The best way to guarantee that never happens is to accessorize it effortlessly and flawlessly. Accessories can be underrated, overlooked, or overdone; but I am here to help make sure you get it just right!

Get Your Clutch On Point


Obviously the first thing you need to spice up your look is a clutch. It may only be used to hold your cell phone and lipstick (that is all it will be able to fit) but nevertheless if you are going to be carrying something, it needs to make a statement. The golden rule here is to match the clutch with your shoes. If the dress is simple and your heels are glam, go for the glam clutch and vise versa.  Right now clear, lucite clutches or rock hard crystal clutches are very on trend.  Concerned about how to fit everything in your clutch?  Read our “How to Pack the Ultimate Prom Clutch” article to get all the tips and tricks.

Unique & Stunning 

Alternative Accessories To Rock With Your Prom Dress | Unique & Stunning| Faviana

If you are interested in wearing an accessory that is a bit unique, the crystal headband is perfect for you. This dainty headpiece will have you looking like a hipster goddess. It is the perfect accessory to add sparkle in a subtle way. There are various types to choose from so make sure you pick one that blends with your dress. The one shown above would look great with Faviana Style S7706. Not all prom dresses will look good with the crystal headband so you must try it on with your dress and other accessories before prom day!

Rings on Rings

Alternative Accessories To Rock With Your Prom Dress | Rings| Faviana

I am not just suggesting one ring, I mean multiple rings. Rings, on rings, on rings is very on trend this season.  Prom means pictures!  Think about it, the majority of the time your hands make the cut; especially when pinning the boutonniere on your date. Now, rings are also made for halfway down your fingers called knuckle rings. These are good for layering up and bringing a little edge to the traditional prom jewelry.

Minimal Meets Classic

Of course I cannot neglect to mention a simple necklace. If you are wearing a low cut or strapless dress, listen up! Adding a simple necklace to go with your prom dress will allow you to accessorize without going overboard. Sometimes less is more. If you choose to wear a necklace, this will most likely be the kind you should look out for; something delicate and classic. Usually prom dresses do not mix well with chunky necklaces. A little something is all you need!

Not Your Average Stud 


The higher the neckline, the more risky wearing any type of necklace gets. Do not panic though as I have an option for you as well. My suggestion with higher necklines would be to ditch the necklace altogether and instead, wear statement earrings! You may feel you look incomplete without a necklace but trust me, you do not want a necklace to take away from the dress (even if it is a small one). Earrings, however, will complement the style of the dress and still add sparkle.

Empowerment Bracelets

Alternative Accessories To Rock With Your Prom Dress | Bracelet| Faviana

Prom dresses can almost always go with a bracelet. The only time you may want to stay away from wearing a bracelet to prom is if it pulls and snags your dress (totally not worth it!). Your prom dress will determine what bracelet you should wear. Try a few options to see what style you prefer. Also, check out Faviana’s new empowerment bracelets! These are perfect to pair with other cuffs and bangles, or wear by themselves. They will not be available forever so do not miss your chance to purchase one here.  Feeling lucky?  You can also enter to win an empowerment bracelet on the Faviana Instagram Account each week during prom season as part of the #FavianaFriday giveaway!

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Happy styling!



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