Asking a Girl to Prom: Our Promposals

Each generation seems to be getting more creative with the perfect way to pop the long awaited question: “Will you go to prom with me?” According to a survey conducted by Visa, the average promposal costs $324. From filling a room with balloons, to the more elaborate prom scavenger hunt, it’s becoming tradition to think of the most innovative way to ask or be asked to prom. Some promposals are romantic, some are big and flashy, and some are more personal. We asked the Faviana Brand Ambassadors for a bit of advice so here is the official Faviana guide to on Asking a Girl to Prom: Our Promposals that we are so excited to share with you!

Brand Ambassador Kristina N. Palomino

christmas lights prom-favianaPintrest

For my senior year I had a beautiful promposal! After school my friends and I all headed back to my house. When we got there, my front porch light was on and the house was decorated with Christmas lights! When I opened the door, I found that my entire living room was decorated with lights, and my boyfriend was standing with a big sign that said: “You leave a little sparkle wherever you go. Would you go to prom with me?” It was so cute!

Brand Ambassador Kaylee Henrykaylee henry ba promposal

Kaylee Henry

I was never into going all out for promposals, but who wouldn’t want some Dunkin Donuts! My boyfriend of the time decided to make an adorable poster and buy coffee and donuts to prompose to me. I already knew he was going to do it because he had asked one of my friends to make the poster, but it was fun to let it be a surprise. He promposed when I was walking down the main staircase of the school, in front of the entire student body. I’m surprised I didn’t trip and fall down the steps with all of those eyes on me! Then he asked me to the dance, in a fashionably late manner!

Brand Ambassador Kim Pham


This was on Valentine’s day in 2015, two days after his senior basketball team had won the city championships. The morning of Valentine’s day he told me to get ready early, and he would come pick me up at around 11am. As I finished getting ready, he texted me to come out through the back door.  As I stepped out, I started hearing my favorite song playing through a speaker: She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5.  I was confused as to what was happening, but I just thought of it as a cute romantic gesture he prepared for me for Valentine’s Day.  He then gave me roses and a box of chocolate from his backpack.  He told me to open up the chocolate box, and instead of chocolate being in the box (which I was expecting), it was a folded piece of paper.  I opened it, and it was titled “The Kim Poem”.  It was a very sweet poem about all the things he loved about me, and the way I made him feel.  At the very end of the poem he got down on one knee and said promposed by saying: “Kim, I think you’re the bomb.  Will you go with me to prom?”.  After saying “Yes!” we had a wonderful Valentine’s Day day together.

Brand Ambassador Shalom Hood

prom cupcakes-favianaCupcakelove

My dream promposal happened when I was in high school. This promposal was a two-parter, starting with my prom date getting everyone’s attend in the cafeteria before I walked in. He was standing in the middle cafeteria with a tuxedo on and gorgeous flowers. Two of his friends were holding a box of Maxie B’s cupcakes (my favorite) which spelled out “Will you go to prom with me?”. I said yes! At the end of the day, I went to my car and there were flowers EVERYWHERE, on the windows, the roof and inside. I was smiling from ear to ear!

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