Asking a Girl to Prom: Our PromPosals

brookemiller | FavianaPhoto Credit:  Brooke Miller

Each generation seems to be getting more creative with the perfect way to pop the ever awaited question, “Will you go to prom with me?” According to a survey conducted by Visa, the average promposal costs $324. From filling a room with balloons to the more elaborate prom scavenger hunt, it’s becoming tradition to think of the most innovative way to ask or be asked to prom. Some promposals are romantic, some are big and flashy, and some are more personal.  And lets face it, it didn’t really happen if it you didn’t take pictures and post about it on all of your favorite social media channels! We are so excited to share with you some of our favorite promposal stories from the ladies at Faviana.

Miss Faviana’s PromPosal

brookemiller| FavianaPhoto Credit:  Brooke Miller

Our lovely and talented Miss Faviana, Brooke Miller, shared her story of how she got asked to prom. According to her interview with, her date took her to a really nice restaurant nearby where she lived. They ate dinner and then the waiters brought her a dessert plate with the words “Will you go to prom with me?”. What a sweet promposal! For her junior prom proposal, her boyfriend showed up to her swim meet. He held up a towel for Brooke which he decorated with puffy paint with the words, “will you go to prom with me, my little fishy?”. Needless to say, Brooke said yes both times. And doesn’t Brooke look stunning in her prom picture? Do you want Brooke’s look for your prom? She’s wearing Faviana Style 7331. Go check it out!

Brand Ambassador: Katrina Kincade

Asking a Girl to Prom: Our PromPosals |Katrina Kincade| FaivanaPhoto Credit:  Katrina Kincade

Katrina Kincade, also a Faviana Brand Ambassador, shared her own cute promposal memory. She said, “My friend and I work at a tennis camp and there is a game that we play with the campers called Skittles, where we toss the tennis balls at the campers from across a tennis court and they try to dodge them. Who ever is left standing gets a bag of skittles. So I promposed to my friend by ringing his doorbell and when he opened it I threw tennis balls at him. He then held up a sign that said spelled out “prom?” in skittles.” A colorfully sweet promposal.

Brand Ambassador: Skylar Witte

BrandAmbassador|FavianaPhoto Credit:  Skylar Witte

Our Brand Ambassador, Skylar Witte sent us her personal promposal story. She says, “My Junior Promposal story, I was super sick and my boyfriend at the time wanted to come see me. I didn’t want him to come because I looked, well, sick. He showed up with all sorts of get-well stuff: orange juice, medicine and this big overstuffed pillow to make me feel better. When he turned it around, he had sewed all these buttons on it to spell “Prom?”. I found out later it took him hours!!! We are both in college now and still good friends. It was an awesome Promposal and we had an equally awesome time at prom. Oh, and he got sick about a week later, poor guy!!!”. I am sure he thought it was well worth it!

Brand Ambassador: Schylar Newman

BrandAmbassadorProgram|FavianaPhoto Credit:  Schylar Newman

Schylar Newman, of our team of lovely Faviana Brand Ambassadors sent us her heart warming story of how her boyfriend gave her a surprise she will never forget on her prom. She tell us, “My boyfriend and I hadn’t seen each other for six entire months because of his job in the Marine Corps. He knew I wanted him to attend my prom, but he just wasn’t sure if he could. Weeks passed and I still had no answer, I was super sad and mopey. I told my friend I didn’t want to go if my boyfriend Alex wasn’t there (drama queen much?). But Alex told me I should go. It was my senior year, it was prom, it was a one time thing. So I decided I would go. The night before prom I get a text from my boyfriend saying: “hey baby, think I can get a ride from the airport? I’m home.” Not only was I crying from happiness and surprise but it felt so surreal. I hadn’t seen the person I loved in 6 months. Which now, after four years of dealing with on and off distance, seems like nothing. But back then as a 17 year old, it was my entire senior year. The night was absolutely amazing. Before prom, my high school does this thing called “Promenade” where the students showcase their dates. The audience is full of parents and faculty members and even some students who couldn’t go to prom. When Alex and I stepped onto that stage, the crowd was the loudest it had ever been. I honestly felt like a movie star. And I got to share that limelight moment with the love of my life. So maybe I didn’t have the most normal prom story. But even three years later, it is still one of my favorite memories.” This story really pulls on some heart strings, but how cute was that ending?

Social Media Marketing Intern: Nicole Gamez

Asking a Girl to Prom: Our PromPosals | Nicole Gamez| FaivanaPhoto Credit:  Nicole Gamez

My own personal promposal was more personal. My boyfriend gave me a personalized card with two penguins dressed in prom attire and a little poem inside he wrote. Penguins were kind of our thing since penguins find a mate for life, and I knew he was my soulmate even at the young age of 17. He also showed up to school with a shirt that said “I <3 Nicole”, which, even though his guy friends were all poking fun at him for wearing it around in school, it was super cute. And although he’s in Georgia at school right now, and I am here in New York, me and my “penguin” are still going strong five years later.

As the Promposal trend continues, we at Faviana want your input. What do you think about Promposing? Have you been asked to prom in a special way? What is your ideal way to be asked to prom? Share your story with us! And if you want to read about how you can prompose to that special guy, read my article “Asking a Guy to Prom: A How-To Guide”.

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