Baking For Beginners

Anyone else guilty of craving a sweet treat after dinner, but wanting to bake something a little more complex than the classic chocolate chip cookie? Baking does not have to be a difficult and long process. There are also tons of substitutes that can be made to make your dessert healthier. Whether you are enjoying a night with your best girl friends or winding down after a long day, baking should be enjoyable, with a delicious finished product. Here are our favorite tips for tasty, yet simple deserts that are perfect for baking for beginners!

Substitute Out Butter

Applesauce Faviana Baking For Beginners
Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

Our favorite substitute for butter is applesauce. Whatever amount of butter the recipe calls for, use half of that number with applesauce. Using applesauce saves unwanted calories, while also keeping your dessert’s intended taste. Even though using this substitution is delicious in most deserts, we suggest trying this out especially with banana bread!

Quality Bakeware

Bakeware for Faviana Baking for Beginners
Pinot to Pampers

While it may seem like the easier route to buy bake wear such as sheet trays and pans at very low prices, it is worthwhile to invest in quality baking tools. It is important to use tools that will not only perform, but will also be long lasting. Unfortunately, sometimes buying cheap products will lead to you just needing to buy the same product just after minimal uses. With this being said, $80 cooking trays are not needed either. You can certainly find quality and affordable bakeware on websites such as Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond.

Oven Thermometers Are Key

Oven Thermometer Faviana Baking For Beginners
Kitchen Byte

One of the worst things is when your oven temperature is not the number it is actually reading. If a recipe calls for your oven to be 425 degrees, there is a chance that it can be off (unless your oven is brand new). When your oven is not the correct temperature, chances of your desert coming out how you intended it to be is more unlikely. To avoid this problem, we suggest buying an oven thermometer. You can easily stick this thermometer in your oven, so you know the temperature is never inaccurate again.

Now that you have these basic tips down, here are two yummy and easy recipes to try!

Peach Cake

Peach Cake Faviana Baking For Beginners

The Food Network has a dessert recipe for peach cake that we definitely consider to be a go-to. Not only do they list step-by-step directions along with detailed ingredients, cook, and prep time, but they also have attached a link to watch how to make the recipe!  This is perfect for visual learners that want to ensure they are performing the steps correctly. Within just about an hour, you will have a peach cake to enjoy with eight of your besties. Watch the video here!

Cool off with a Smoothie-Pop

Smooth Popsicle Faviana Baking for Beginners
Peanut Butter and Peppers

Making a tasty treat doesn’t always have to involve your oven. Even though summer is winding down, a refreshing smoothie pop after an outdoor BBQ is the perfect dessert as we are transitioning into fall. If you have a smoothie recipe that you follow religiously, you can use those ingredients. Our favorite thing about this recipe is how flexible it is. Once you blended the smoothie, simply pour it into popsicle molds. Lastly, place the popsicles in the freezer until they are hard, and you now have delicious smoothie-pops!

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