The Best Prom Movies

It’s officially prom season! To get you excited for the big night that is just months away, we’ve put together some of our favorite prom movies. You’re starting to think about the date, the dress, the look, and preparing for the night! These will get you excited, make you laugh and get you ready to dance the night away!  Feel inspired, check out the looks (no matter how dated they are!) and for some, hope that your prom night doesn’t go that way! Here are some of the best prom movies, and why we think you’ll love them!

Teen Spirit



A mean prom queen dies at prom and in order to go to heaven, she must turn the least popular student into a prom queen. We’re not sure what the best part of this movie is: The enemies turned besties fashion show, the nerd to popular girl makeover, or Tim Gunn playing an angel. What we definitely love: the happy ending for all.

10 Things I Hate About You


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The modern version of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew,  Kat is the unpopular, antisocial older sister, while her younger sister Bianca is young, pretty and popular. Bianca wants to date but, according to their overprotective father, cannot unless Kat does. This all inspires an elaborate plot including a bad boy, a jock, a nerdy new kid and his geeky best friend – and of course prom night. Also a young Joseph Gordon Levitt plays the nerdy new kid in love with Bianca – Deliciously cheesy and hilarious, this is the perfect movie for a girls night in!

Never Been Kissed


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Never Been Kissed is a classic. Insecure copy editor Josie goes undercover as a student at a local high school, and assumes her old geek identity that she had in high school. She falls for her teacher, becomes popular with the help of her brother, battles mean girls and wins prom queen. With Drew Barrymore’s usual quirky yet lovable charm, this is a perfect throw back prom movie.




Not legally allowed to dance? Solution: throw your own prom in a grain mill! Whether you’re watching the 1984 or 2011 version, this is a fun movie that will get you ready to dance! The film features a rule-breaking bad boy who takes on a small town with very conservative values, and inspires them all to rebel and dance. This feel good movie is great for a movie night with the whole family!

High School Musical 3: Senior Year


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Now, I grew up obsessing over the High School Musical franchise, so this Disney Channel movie is one of my favorites. Who can forget Chad asking Taylor to prom, and the song ‘A Night to Remember’ which is all about preparing for prom. If you’re a senior, this is a great movie to watch to get excited (and a little sad) about graduation, prom and ending high school!

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