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Who loves a sappy, tear dropper, mushy love story? We all secretly do even if you don’t want to admit it. February is the best month to catch up on all your favorite romantic movies. No matter if you are planning a date night with that cute boy from your class or having a girls nights with lots of popcorn and gossip, we have the best romantic movies for you to watch.

Romantic Movies #1 – The Notebook

Romantic movies the notebook







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One of the best romantic movies to watch – The Notebook. A classic, eye balling, love story. Usually the first movie to pop into your head when anyone asks about romantic movies. And if you have not watched this movie yet, then gasp! Follow Noah and Allie up and down this love story as they struggle with their different lifestyles, war, and disease. This romantic movie will leave you in tears.

Romantic Movies #2 – Dear John

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Another Nicholas Sparks movie that will leave you in tears, Dear John documents the love journey of John and Savannah. A young couple trying to stay in touch by love letters every time John gets deployed again. The ending will leave your jaw wide open…

Romantic Movies #3 – Titanic

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Based on a true story, venture out to sea and watch Rose and Jack fall in love. This romantic movie gives you a real insight into social class and money. The music throughout the movie is just to die for and hold your breathe as you watch everything unravel when the Titanic hits the iceburg!

Romantic Movies #4 – Love Actually

Romantic Movies #4 - Love ActuallySource: Elle

Love Actually, tops our romantic movies to watch list as it’s jam packed with nine different love stories all in one! Follow the lives of nine people and watch how their love lives are affected by work, sickness, and temptation.

Romantic Movies #5 – P.S. I Love You
Romantic movies p.s i love you

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P.S I Love You is a heart warming romantic movie of a husband, who knows hes dying from a horrible disease, but decides to write love letters to his wife after he passes. Throughout the movie, Holly receives love letters on specific days, hoping to give her strength and encouragement back in her life. Each letter always ends with P.S. I love you.

Romantic Movies #6 – The Proposal

Romantic Movies #6 - The Proposal











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How many lovers out there have found their match made in heaven at work? Sandra Bullock, who plays Margaret, is proposing to marry her assistant Andrew in order to stay in the U.S. Crazy right? Watch this romantic movie to see if they fall in love or if Margaret has to go home.

Romantic Movies #7 – A Walk To Remember

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A classic high school love story where bad boy Landon ends up falling for innocent and sweet Jamie. Watch these two journey high school together, sing together in a school play, and desperately search for Jamie’s miracle.

Romantic Movies # 8 – The Last Song

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Miley Cyrus stars in this romantic movie, The Last Song as Ronnie, a young girl forced to go live with her father for the summer. Enraged that her mother forced her into doing this, her summer ended up being one of the best. Ronnie meets a local cute boy named Will and her father try’s to win his daughter back through their sharing bond of music. Does Ronnie fall for Will and does she give her father a second chance?!

Romantic Movies # 9 – 10 Things I Hate About You

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Poor Bianca, Kat’s sister, can’t date boys until Kat gets a boyfriend herself. Kat is a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man! But when Patrick comes into her life, will she fall out of her habits and fall head over heels for him?!

Romantic Movies #10 – Dirty Dancing

Romantic Movies #10 - Dirty DancingSource: Pinterest

Ever spend your summers at a resort location you don’t want to be at – until a cute guy comes along and sweeps you off your feet, literally. Dance along with Baby and Johnny as they spend their summer days falling in love.

Romantic Movies #11 – The Vow

Romantic Movies #11 - The Vow

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Paige and Leo are recently married and madly in love. Until suddenly a car hits them one snowy night, leaving Paige in a comma. After waking up, Paige looses her memory resulting in not even remembering her own husband. Leo struggles every day to gain her memory back, do you think he will succeed and win her back?

Romantic Movies #12 – How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

romantic movies how to lose a guy


Source: Pop Sugar

Ever want to know what drives a man crazy? Watch Andie and Ben as they develop a comical relationship, both in bets with their jobs, yet having no idea about the others bet. Do their crazy games end up making them fall for each other or drive each other away.

Romantic Movies #13 – Grease

Romantic Movies #13 - GreaseSource: Rotten Tomatoes

Take a ride back in history to the 1950’s and watch the romance and friendship blossom between a group of high school kids. Will innocent, cute Sandy fall in love with leather clad Danny? Rock on the sing along music scenes in one of the best romantic movies of all time.

Romantic Movies #14 – The Fault In Our Stars

Romantic Movies #14 - The Fault In Our Stars

















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Hazel Grace, played by Shailene Woodley, is a 16 year old cancer patient. She meets a cute boy named Gus in her cancer support group and immediately falls in love. These two have an instant connection and share a loving bond over books. You have to watch this romantic movie to see what Gus surprises Shailene with!

Romantic Movies #15 – Twilight

romantic movies twilight














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Every girls dream is to have vampires and wolves not only obsessed with you but take care of you. Right ladies? It’s like having a personal body guard wherever you go who is also secretly in love with you. (Sigh) Kristin Stewart plays the beautiful Bella Swan who is swept off her feet by the mysterious yet mouth drooling Edward Cullen. Will he suck her blood – go watch to find out!

Romantic Movies #16 – Me Before You

Romantic Movies #16 - Me Before You









Source: Entertainment Weekly

Me Before You is a romantic movie where Louisa puts the charming Will before herself. Will is a young man who is paralyzed and Louisa becomes his care giver throughout this film. Watch this love story unravel as Louisa shows Will life is still worth living even with his condition. Never give up on life or love!

Romantic Movies #17 – La La Land

Romantic Movies #17 - LaLa Land












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The beautiful Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone will steal your hearts in this romantic love story. An actress and a jazz pianist fall in love in the big city of Los Angeles. Does the couple have a future together or will their goals get in the way of their love?!

Romantic Movies #18 – The Break-Up

Romantic Movies #18 - The Break-Up


The Break-Up is a classic romantic movie that will leave you in awe. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn play Brooke and Gary, a perfect couple you would think at first. As their relationship begins to crumble, neither one of them want to move out of their shared apartment. Watch this romantic love story to find out if the couple can work through their problems or end up breaking up.

Romantic Movies #19 – 50 First Dates

romantic movies 50 first dates










50 first dates is a passionate romantic movie of a man who invests all his time in a young woman who has short term memory loss. Henry has to convince Lucy every day his love for her and get her to remember who he is. Watch this movie to find out if Henry succeeds in winning over Lucy!

Romantic Movies #20 – Valentine’s Day

Romantic Movies #20 - Valentine's DaySource: Bustle

One of the best romantic movies to watch this February, is of course Valentine’s Day! Follow the love stories of various couples as they experience the ups and downs of finding love. This will be a Valentines Day you will never want to forget.

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