Best Things To Eat In Every Major City

Road-Trip | Faviana
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Whether you’re going on a cross country trip or just live in one of these cities we found the best food to eat in each one. Now, I know your next question for me is: “Are they Instagram worthy treats?” and my answer to you is: “ABSOLUTELY!” If you go to one of these incredibly mouth watering places make sure to tag @GlamAndGowns so we can experience it with you.


Deep-Dish-Pizza-Chicago | Faviana

When you think of Chicago the first thing that comes to mind is deep-dish pizza. The Art of Pizza in West Lakeview is where you want to go to find the best. You can go in an order a whole pie or just a slice. Traditional deep-dish pizza crust should be flakey and cracker like and The Art of Pizza’s does not disappoint.

New York City

Fresh-Bagels | Faviana
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Every carb lovers dream includes a New York bagel. I don’t exactly know what it is but there is just something about a bagel made in New York City that makes them absolutely divine. You’ll want to head to Murray’s Bagels in Greenwich Village for the best hand rolled bagels that have been around since 1996.

Los Angeles

California-Donuts | Faviana
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I am sure you’ve seen the donuts from California Donuts around social media because I can’t seem to get away from them. And I don’t even have a way of getting to them anytime soon *sad face.* So if you live in California or are headed there in the near future please go to California Donuts, order that cute panda bear donut, and then tag @GlamAndGowns so I can live vicariously through you.

Washington D.C.

Burger-Américain-Washiongton-DC | Faviana

It is only fitting to head to Le Diplomate and order the Burger Americain in D.C. The burger and all of it’s delicious toppings sit in between two homemade brioche buns and are topped with a homemade dressing.


Roxy-Grilled-Cheese | Faviana

Once a food truck, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese has recently relocated to a permanent location in Allston. If all things cheese is your thing, Roxy’s has literally every flavor combination from classic grilled cheese to grilled cheese with peaches!

San Francisco

California-Roll-Sushi-Burrito | Faviana
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Sushi and a burrito. Who would have thought to combine the two except the chefs at Sushiritto. The fish and all the ingredients that they use are like right out of the ocean fresh and the sushi (burrito?) chefs roll them right in front of you.


beechers-mac-and-cheese-seattle | Faviana
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Beecher’s is the place to go in Seattle. This is the one place natives mention missing if they’re ever out of town for a long period of time; and by long I mean more than one day. They’re known for their selection of cheeses but try the mac and cheese and be introduced to the best of both worlds.


dallas-tacos | Faviana
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The best authentic tex-mex you’ll find in Dallas is often said to be had at Torchy’s Tacos. The tacos are every tex-mex lovers dream with topping options that are endless. Another thing at Torchy’s are their endless chips so, go for the tacos, stay for the endless chips.

I hope you take our advice and visit one of these delicious hot spots to try some food your belly with thank you for!  Let us know what you tried by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!




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