Braided Hairstyles For Summer

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If seven years of playing softball taught me anything it was surprisingly how to braid hair. I already knew how to french braid my own hair so I would go to practices and games with my hair braided a different way each time. It didn’t take long for everyone on the team to catch on and ask me to braid their hair for the game so we could all match and look super professional like the pros. We were tough girls who loved to play hard but also knew how to look good doing it!

I went on a walk down memory lane today and wanted to share my favorite braided hairstyles that’ll keep you cool in the summertime. They’re super easy and you’ll be able to do them to yourself (and you don’t even have to play on a team to sport these styles every day this summer).

Braided Crown

braided hairstyles


This is one of those braided hairstyles that looks super complicated but couldn’t be any easier. All you do to start is part your hair down the middle into two sections. Starting just below the ear you’ll braid each side. Then, take your braid on the right side and wrap it around the back of your head and meet it at the top with a bobby pin to secure it. Do the same with the left braid and bobby pin it to the top as well, tucking in any stray hairs. You can keep it casual or pull out a few pieces to frame your face and make this the perfect style for prom or a homecoming dance!

Braided Bun

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Now for this braid you will need to know how to do a simple french braid but, fear not, that’s another easy one! Start by flipping your head upside down and gathering all your hair in the front. Grab three sections of hair at the nape of your neck and start french braiding upwards until you reach the top of your head. At this point, you’ll want to gather the rest of the hair you didn’t braid and secure it with a ponytail holder. From here you can leave it in a ponytail or twist it around and create a cute ballerina bun.

Fishtail Braid
braided hairstyles fishtail
Source: Harper’s Bazaar

The fishtail braid is probably one of my favorites! Deep part your hair to one side and gather all of your hair together sectioned off with a ponytail holder at the nape of your neck. Those who are more experienced don’t need to do this step but it makes things much easier when you’re just learning. Now, divide the ponytail into two sections and take a small piece from the outside of the left section and cross it over to the right. Repeat this on the other side and so on until you reach the end. Finish the braid off with an elastic and you can start the fun part! Gently tug on the hair to create volume all the way down the braid. This gives your hair a lot of volume and is perfect for adding accessories like jeweled bobby pins if you’re going to a special party or dance.

We hope you found a new braided hairstyle to wear all summer long! Show us your new ‘do by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, or Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY or Twitter @FavianaNY!




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