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Those of you on the West Coast, unless traveling, stop right here- fortunately for you this article does not apply. For the rest of us stuck in the midst of a cold winter season, I have some major beauty tips that you will thank me for. I compiled some of the best preventative and defensive tactics that can be used to fight the cold weather curse on your skin, lips and hair.

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Prolonged skin exposure to harsh winds can be a leading factor to itchy, dry skin. The good news is by following this advice, dry skin can be avoidable. First thing is first; wear your winter gear!  You bought it for a reason, now put it to good use. Get out those large scarves, hats, gloves and a coat that will actually cover you. This is a fashionable and warm way to conquer the cold.

Swap out lotions for creams; the thicker, the better. With a higher oil to water ratio, thick creams are better moisturizers. Apply EVERYDAY, even when you don’t think you need it, apply it anyway.  Your skin hydration is very similar to your body hydration.  Your body won’t let you know it is dehydrated (i.e. bright yellow urine) until 24-48 hours after your body is actually dehydrated.  So even if you think you don’t need it, apply a heavy moisturizer anyway.  Also, make sure to apply immediately after washing your hands and showering. The more you use the softer your skin will be and continue to stay.  I love the Sephora Collection Instant Moisturizer

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Two words: lip balm. In order to keep your lips protected from winter, never leave the house without applying it. Lips get chapped so fast but the process to make them soft again takes even longer. You must apply your favorite lip balm whenever you go outside or you feel it wearing off.  Lip balm and cold weather works similar to the way the sunscreen works with the sun.  You must apply it before you go out into that element, not during, or afterwards.  Applying lip balm prior to leaving your house gives your lips ample time to soak in.  

Try and use a brand that includes Vitamin E as it acts as an antioxidant meaning, it fights against the cell damaged skin and moisturizes quickly. When you go to bed, use a brand with extra moisturizes to repair lips overnight.

Personally, I like to use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick throughout the day and the Carmex Lip Balm Stick at night.

Hint: Use lip exfoliator to remove dry, chapped skin before applying your lip balm to assure full absorption.

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The best way to keep your hair healthy is the coconut oil treatment. Easy and effective, all you do is heat up some coconut oil in the microwave, apply throughout your hair, let sit for about an hour, and wash it out. You can use a Saran Wrap to keep your hair from leaking all over everything. You will not believe the results after you blow dry your hair. This can be done weekly; all year round.

Argan oil can be used daily to keep your hair silky smooth. Remember with oils a little goes a long way. Take a dime size drop and apply from the middle of your hair down to the ends. Make sure you really oil up your ends to prevent dry, stringy hair.  Never apply to your scalp as this will result in a greasy appearance. I recommend using OGX’s Penetrating Oil. It has a great scent and works wonders!

The obvious remedy to keeping your hair healthy is to use a good amount of conditioner every other day. If you have time, you should even step out of the shower and let the conditioner really sink in. Read a magazine, chat on the phone, answers emails… whatever floats your boat. After about 20 minutes to an hour (depending on your patience), jump back into the water and rinse. This will result in shiny and healthy hair that will be less likely to dry up on you.  Read our blog post for more specific tips on how to care for your hair in cold weather.

If you hate wearing big sweaters and scarfs because of static cling, rub a dryer sheet through your hair. You can also try using a small drop of lotion to apply to your hair. You will be surprised how fast the cling goes away!

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Things may get a bit rough (pun intended) this time of year, but there’s no reason to let it get the best of you. Stay warm and follow these tips. It will be summer before you know it.




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