Color Pop Your Neutral Evening Gowns

Here at Faviana, we’re adamant believers in color. While Black may be slimming and sleek, a red prom dress like style 7540 or royal blue gown like style S7615 is just striking enough to help you exude confidence.

With that in mind, how do we pop color where it doesn’t already exist? Let’s go back a few months to your last major dress purchase. You may have been in the market for an attention-grabbing, show-stopping gown. Perhaps you sought after sparkle or a vibrant hued dress, but ultimately the financiers of the gown (most likely known as mom and dad) ruled in favor of a neutral gown for more “wear opportunities”. So, what now?

It’s all in the bag

color pop clutch faviana



Your bag offers a great option to pop some color into your neutral look without too much color-commitment. This detachable outfit element can be left at the wayside when you’re shaking your groove thing on the dance floor or seizing the next “girls in white dresses” photo-op. Accordingly, you can go a little bolder with this half-measure color pop. For example, opt for the bright, sparkly and heavily embellished minaudière you’ve been eyeing to pair with that floor-sweeping Ivory gown like style S7560.

Kick it up a notch


color shoes favianaSource:

Your footwear lends another viable opportunity. As a strong force of color right at the literal foot of your outfit, the shoe can make a loud statement without detracting from the neutral look up top. A fire truck red patent stiletto with a black evening gown such as style 7899 is strong and bold. A hot pink suede pump with a champagne cocktail dress such as style 7670 is edgy and playful.

Be a total gem

colorful jewelry faviana

Source: SparkBeastDesign Etsy

Jewelry is a must have with any evening look. When it comes to colorful gowns, you’re best off matching your bling with your dress or going neutral with silvers and blacks. You; however, went for the neutral dress, so all jewelry bets are off. Go bold, chunky, funky and ultra-colorful.

Sparkly jewelry brings out the glamor in a dress and elevates the look. When color is added into the mix, it maintains the elegance, but adds some fun! Consider ruby red jewels with an ivory formal dress such as style S7500 or royal blue with your black gown like style 7755.

Mix and match

The big thing to remember is that all of this has to work together. The best part of a neutral look is that often you can pop three different colors at each of the above-mentioned junctures. Just watch the proportions. A very bright shoe and bag may mean a smaller dose of color with the necklace, bracelets, rings, etc… Or if you’re throwing different colors to each jewelry item or wearing several colors per piece, you may want to take the other categories down a notch.

We hope we gave you a few ideas on how to give your look a color pop! Show us how you made your neutral dress stand out by tagging our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, or Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!


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