Cures for Frizzy Hair

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If anyone knows frizz, it is me. I have thick curly hair, the kind that when a whiff of humidity comes by, it poofs up like a young Hermione Granger.

Over the years I’ve dabbled in the art of de-frizzing, and I’ve found some great products and ideas along the way. Here are my best tips on how to deal with frizzy hair during the summer!

Silk Pillowcase

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A big thing that has helped my hair is my pillowcase. I invested in a silk pillowcase that has done wonders! Usually, cotton pillow cases cause tangles and steal moisture from your hair. Silk keeps things under control and lets you keep your hair’s moisture. Plus, the silk doesn’t cause wrinkles like a cotton pillowcase does.


Moisture. Moisture. Moisture! Get some hair butter, leave in conditioner, or a weekly conditioning treatment. Anything to give your hair more moisture. The more moisture it has, the less likely it will dry out or frizz.

No brushing when wet!

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When I first started going to a hairstylist, she advised me to never ever use a brush to brush my hair when it is wet. Combing it with a wide-toothed comb from bottom to top is the best option. A brush causes breakage, and breakage leads to flyaways, frizz, and drier hair.

Dry with a t-shirt or hair towel

Once your hair is combed, step away from that towel! A towel strips your hair of moisture, and rubbing it together to dry it faster causes damage. Opt for a hair towel, or a t-shirt. The softer cotton of either of those options is more gentle to your hair and prevents frizz before your hair is dry.

Heat protection

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If you blow dry your hair, grab some heat protection spray and use a round brush to smooth your hair’s cuticles down and leave a glossy finish.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo or a light hairspray does wonders with those hard to tame flyaways on the top of your head, and a quick pat or comb through with either temporarily calms your hair down.

Hair masks

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Have some extra time on your hands? Make a DIY hair mask! A little coconut oil or ingredients like honey, avocado, mayo, or olive oil all have conditioning and nourishing elements that your hair will love.

Style it!

The way you style your hair could also be beneficial in stopping frizz in its tracks! Braids are always a good go-to, whether that be when you’re out and about or before you go to sleep. They’ll lock in moisture and keep your hair together. A ponytail is also a good option to get your hair out of your face. If the top half of your hair is giving you trouble, opt for a half-up ponytail or braids. A bun, much like a braid, will keep your hair together and still allow you to still look polished.

Stay fabulous and frizz free, Faviana girls!

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