DIY Corsages for Prom

The ritual of exchanging corsages and boutonnieres at prom is a long standing tradition. Having that little bouquet of flowers at your wrist is a fun way to accessorize, and coordinate colors with your date. However, are you looking for a way to stand out at prom this year? DIY accessories are a fun and easy way to add a unique twist to your look, and are a great way to save a little money at prom. Here at Faviana we are all about do-it-yourself projects, so we looked into some of the most unique ways to create a corsage for prom 2017. Here are some great ideas for DIY Corsages for Prom!

Origami Corsage

white and purple origami corsage-faviana

If you love to be crafty with your hands, this is the corsage for you. Find some colored paper that matches your prom theme, and fashion paper flowers to adorn your wrist! There are a wide variety of styles out there for origami flowers, and even the simplest ones are pretty. Add some pearls or lace appliqué to make make your corsage a bit more glam!

Newsprint Corsage

newsprint corsage-favianaPetticoat Archive

Another fun corsage made from paper! How about using sheet music from your favorite song, or print outs of your favorite book? This is a romantic and whimsical way to memorialize your favorite things. You could also make a boutonniere for your date with their favorite music, or even create your own poem to make into a corsage. This requires no folding, and can be made easily with scissors and a glue stick. Add a colored ribbon to bring the whole look together.

Succulent Corsage

succulent corsage-favianaUrban Succulents

Here is a fun twist on traditional flower corsages, mini succulents! Mini succulents are both beautiful and adorable, and would add a very unique boho edge to your prom get-up. Try gluing one, or a few, mini succulents to a beaded or ribbon band. Create one for your date as well! Add some color by attaching a few small real, or fake, flowers around the edge. Be sure to be very gentle as succulents are delicate!

Silk Flower Corsage

silk flower

This is a great option for someone with allergies to flowers, or for someone who wants a worry-free corsage. Silk flowers can look extremely life-like, but be sure to spend some time finding ones that look like real flowers. Collect a few of your favorite silk flowers and glue or wrap them to a wrist ribbon. For a vintage look, dig around in a thrift store for some old silk flowers and add a strand of pearls for a 20’s inspired look!

Lace Corsage

lace corsage-favianaPintrest

This is a gorgeous way to highlight lace detailing on your prom dress. Search in a fabric store for a thick lace that matches your look, and cut a section to wrap around your wrist. Glue a ribbon to the upper section to tie to your arm, and create a small look to put on your pointer finger if you want it to extend to your hand. Depending on color, this can add an edgy or a glam vibe to your look!

DIY projects are a fun way to create memories for your prom season, and a fun activity to do with your girl gang. In terms of saving money, DIY is always an easy trick!

What DIY accessories are you wearing to prom this year? Are you planning to create one of these DIY corsages for prom this year? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.




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