DIY Dorm Decor

Going away to college is extremely exciting, but also nerve-wracking and kind of scary at the same time! Not only do you have the pressure of meeting new friends and dealing with the heavy workload, but you are also living in a different environment away from home. This can all be uncomfortable at first, but one of the things that made me feel comfortable was the way I decorated my dorm! This is your chance to show your new friends your sense of style and a way to bring the comfort of home to college. So once you have bought all the necessities, have some fun and bring your creativity to your dorm room! This is Faviana’s guide to DIY Dorm Decor!

DIY Head Board


My absolute favorite decoration that I made for my dorm room was my DIY headboard! It really made my room feel like an actual bedroom. Everyone that walked into my dorm loved it and I got SO many compliments from the new friends I was making!

I first measured how big I wanted my headboard to be. From there, I went to Home Depot and picked out a piece of plywood. The guys at Home Depot were able to cut the board to my exact measurements there!

I then went to Michael’s and bought quilt batting. You can use a bunch of different substitutes for this, like an old towel or blanket. You just need something to put in between the wood and fabric so it looks “puffy” and comfy!

From there, I simply hot glued the quilt batting to the plywood. You can also use a staple gun instead of glue to make everything more secure.

After this, glue or staple your piece of fabric to the plywood.

Lastly, slide the headboard in between your mattress and wooden bedposts, and you’re done! This project is extremely simple, fast, and affordable to make and really brings your dorm room together.

DIY Pillows


For some reason, I had the hardest time picking out the right bedspread. I wanted it to be cute, and I was also trying to match my roommates! I finally decided to do a simple white bedspread with my colorful headboard and colorful throw pillows. When I went to the store to buy the throw pillows, I was shocked when I found out how expensive they were! All the cute ones that I wanted were at least $50 each. That was when I decided to make my own! I went to the fabric store and found a navy blue lace fabric that I thought would go well with my color scheme. All I did was simply wrap the fabric around an old throw pillow I didn’t want anymore and sew the ends together! It literally took me ten minutes to do and it was so simple. I threw the one I made with some other pillows that I had bought, and it looked beautiful! No one ever knew that I made the pillow myself!

DIY Picture Frame



Looking for a cute way to display your pictures? Attach them with a clothespin to some Christmas lights! This DIY project is super simple and looks soo cute!

Gather and print out cute pictures of your friends and family from back home. You can cut them into any shape you want! From there, hang up Christmas lights or any other type of lights onto your wall, and attach the pictures with a clothespin! This is a very cute and creative way to display your pictures and is much better than just making a regular old photo collage!

DIY Letters

flower-letter-faviana-diy-dorm-decorRaddest Mom

Another simple and beautiful decoration to make for your dorm is to decorate the first letter of your name! This is a great wall or desk decoration.

All you have to do is go to your local craft store and buy the wooden letter(s) of your choice and any type of fabric or paint you would like to use to decorate it. You could also trace the letter onto cardboard and use that instead! This is your chance to get creative- you can do anything you want from here! This is a cute, affordable, and simple decoration that goes well in any room!

These DIY decorations are simple, unique, affordable, and are guaranteed to get compliments! So have fun and express your creativity and personality when designing your dorm! Good luck! Don’t forget to show us what you made by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!




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