Easy Healthy Snack Ideas

Many people’s resolutions for a new year involve getting fit and being a healthier person! We know, with all the cookies, cakes and abundance of food, holidays can be tough on the waistline! We’ve teamed up with the Glam & Gowns vlog to bring you easy  healthy snack ideas for you to enjoy throughout the day. Snacks can be a great way to keep your day moving along when you’re trying to eat healthy, and it is important to snack smart!

Kristen shares her recipes for three different easy healthy snacks to power you through the week!

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Protein Balls

chocolate-protein-balls Faviana

Source: Pinterest

You will need:

2 cups of peanut butter

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

A medium size bowl

2 scoops of vanilla protein powder

2 scoops of oats (about 1 1/2 cups, adjust depending on consistency)

1 scoop of chia seeds (about 1/4 cup)

1 squeeze of honey

A bit of chocolate chips for taste (about 1/4 cup), use vegan chocolate chips if desired


Step 1: Scoop out the peanut butter and add the vanilla extract into a bowl and mix – this is to make the peanut butter a bit stickier, we want a thick consistency.

Step 2: Next were going to add the rest of our ingredients: two scoops of vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, oats, a good squeeze of honey, and the chocolate chips!

Step 3: Mix it all together well. You may need to use your hands!

Step 4: Form the mixture into balls, similar to how you would cookie dough. Place onto a cookie sheet.

Step 5: Refrigerate for 3 – 4 hours and you’re ready to go! Enjoy!


Avocado Crackers

avocado-crackers Faviana

Source: Crazyrawvegan

You will need:

1 avocado

Gluten free chips or crackers

Olive oil

Red crushed pepper

Pink Himalayan salt

A butter knife

A tray


Step 1: Use the avocado as a spread, with a knife spread it onto the chips or crackers of your choosing.

Step 2: Using the cap or a spoon, lightly drizzle olive oil over the crackers topped with the avocado spread.

Step 3: Sprinkle red crushed pepper over top of your crackers to add a little bit of a kick!

Step 4: Add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to taste. And you’re done! Enjoy!


Power Go Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie FavianaSource: 52kitchenadventures

You will need:

A good handful of kale

About 1 cup of canned or fresh diced Pineapple


Blueberry pomegranate juice



*Note: adjust measurements to your taste!


Step 1: Add a handful of kale to your mixer cup.

Step 2: Add about a cup of pineapple – canned or cut up fresh!

Step 3: Add a splash of blueberry pomegranate juice

Step 4: Add a good squeeze of honey

Step 5: Add a lot of ice

Step 6: Blend until completely smooth & enjoy!


The great thing about all of these easy healthy snack recipes is that you can easily adjust them based on your tastes! For the protein balls, use milk or dark chocolate. For the avocado crackers, try out some other seasonings! For the Power Go Green smoothie, try adding in some mango or another fruit with the pineapple, and adjust how much you use of each ingredient according to how you like it – they are so yummy and easy to make on your own.

We hope you found a new and yummy snack to try! These snacks were made to keep you energized throughout the day. Be a girl boss and keep yourself happy & healthy! Show us your best food Instagram by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, or Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NYand Twitter @FavianaNY! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more exciting vlogs!




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