Essential Oils You Need To Help Lower Anxiety

Anxiety is a problem that people of all ages feel at some point in their lives whether it be over taking a test, making a speech, or participating in a job interview. Here at Faviana we are all about empowering women to be the best they can be and we know that anxiety can sometimes hold us back from achieving our dreams. While there are circumstances that provoke anxiety, some people have anxiety disorders such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) that cause extreme worry in nearly every aspect of life. I have GAD and personally have a difficult time trying to manage the constant anxiety I feel. I have tried therapy, medication, acupuncture, meditation and essential oils.


While on the search for a potential solution, I came across some essential oils that have anxiety relieving properties. While some of these oils have worked for me, everyone is different and it might not work for you and that is okay. If you haven’t heard of essential oils for anxiety, consider yourself lucky that you have stumbled upon this article because it might be able to help you! 

Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender is one of the many essential oils that have been found to help decrease anxiety. There have been studies done on the power of lavender essential oil in lowering anxiety which have been successful. Lavender essential oil has the ability to impact the part of the brain which is in control of emotions. In addition to helping with anxiety, lavender essential oil has also been shown to help with sleep, irritability, panic attacks and general tension. Bath & Body Works sells a lavender sleep spray that you spray on your pillow which promotes a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Bergamot Essential Oil

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If you like the smell of citrus, bergamot essential oil might help you. Bergamot essential oil comes from bergamot oranges. Bergamot essential oil has been shown to help decrease feelings of anxiety. Bergamot oil has the power to stimulate blood flow, rejuvenate the senses, clear the mind, and calm the nervous system. If you also suffer from depression, Bergamot oil might be helpful in improving your mood. If you suffer from physical pain and distress, bergamot oil has been shown to decrease nerve sensitivity to pain. 

Rose Essential Oil

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You have probably heard of the expression “Stop and smell the roses,” but do you actually do that? If you suffer from anxiety and like flowers, then you might want to consider rose essential oil. Rose essential oil comes from the petals of a rose flower and has a scent that is able to relax the senses in a  powerful way. There was a study conducted among pregnant women which concluded that rose oil helped to lower anxiety in women during pregnancy. Pregnancy is pretty anxiety provoking and the fact that rose essential oil could even help a little bit is evidence of its anxiety relieving properties. Even if you aren’t a fan of flowers, I would still try this essential oil out to see if it helps you.

Do you have an essential oil that has helped relieve your anxiety? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana, and Twitter @FavianaNY.



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