Faviana’s 2017 Year In Review

2017 may be gone, but it most certainly won’t be forgotten. Though we’re excited to start our New Years resolutions and explore what 2018 has in store, it’s also the perfect time to reminiscence about the previous year. We’re here to give you a fresh recap on all the best-sellers and trends, in Faviana’s 2017 year in review!

Year In Review: Dress Styles

There were many dress trends and colors that took over 2017. Here we distinguished the top 5!

year in review
Faviana Style 7967

Two-Piece: Two piece prom dresses were a popular choice this year. This was seen on both short dresses and long dresses, with the popular color Bordeaux.

year in review
Faviana Style 8088

Off-The-Shoulder: This trend did everything except give someone a cold shoulder. Between both apparel and dresses, it was a huge hit.

year in review
Faviana Style 8083

Burgundy: This color was EVERYWHERE. It was hard to miss this trend with burgundy and wine-colored everything.

year in review
Faviana Style S8002

Bell-Sleeve: An older look was brought back in 2017, and we hope it stays. The bell sleeves trend is simply perfect for any evening.

Year In Review: Beauty Trends

Besides fashion, both hair and makeup trends made their own depute in 2017. Check out these beauty trends to bring into the new year!

year in review
Photo Credit: Maybelline

Bold Lips: We’re talking red, purple, vampy, and dark shades here to make a bold statement.

year in review
Photo Credit: Business Insider

Rainbow Hair: You’ve seen this all over social media and the internet. Would you ever try hidden rainbow hair yourself?

year in review
Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar

Graphic French: Your manicure got an upgrade last year, featuring colored french manicures in different styles.

year in review
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Natural: The “no makeup” makeup look definitely took over, making faces look nothing but fresh and natural.

Year In Review: TV Shows

Many new series and seasons of our favorite TV shows have emerged this year. Make sure you’re caught up on these!

year in review
Photo Credit: The CW

Riverdale: If you want to see your childhood star Cole Spouse again, then this is a no-brainer.

year in review
Photo Credit: YouTube

Stranger Things: Follow the lives of young boys and the famous Millie Bobby Brown in this terrifying drama.

year in review
Photo Credit: HBO

Big Little Lies: Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley lead this darkly comedic tale of murder and mischief.

year in review
Photo Credit: Schmoes

13 Reasons Why: Based off of our favorite book, mysterious tape recordings are left behind which unravels the suicide of a young girl.

Year In Review: Tech

2017 was full of innovative and high-technology. See if you own any of the tech listed below!

year in review
Photo Credit: Wired

iPhone X: This new iPhone has an “attention aware” feature and actually knows when you’re looking at your phone. Creepy or cool?

year in review
Photo Credit: Business Insider

Samsung Galaxy S8: The display on this phone is out of this world. If you were ever thinking about switching from Apple to Droid, this is the go-to phone!

year in review
Photo Credit: Amazon

Nintendo Switch: This home console you can take anywhere. Play at home, in TV mode, or on-the-go!

year in review
Photo Credit: SlashGear

Here One: These were and still are the most popular wireless headphones. Try them for yourself if you’re tired of wires!

year in review
Photo Credit: Associated Optical

eSight 3: Virtual reality became our reality in 2017. Try them for yourself with eSight 3 or any other special glasses.

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