Faviana’s Bride Survival Kit

Every bride to be wants to look perfect on her wedding day, from the hair to the wedding gown. And you don’t want anything getting in the way of your special day. Of course Faviana is here to save the day with our Bride Survival Kit! Here is a list of the most crucial items a bride needs on her wedding day to keep things going smooth.

Aspirin: Your special day will be jam packed with things to do, and the last thing you need is a headache. Keep an aspirin on you to so your Maid of Honor isn’t running to the drug store with five minutes till the ceremony.

Band-Aids: Band-Aids are vital to your wedding day. Most brides are rocking those high heels for a good portion of the day. These babies will help will blisters until you kick off the heels and hit the dance floor.

Perfume: Complete your bridal look with a sweet smell for your future hubby to sniff on. Then spritz it periodically to hide the smell of the day.

Chalk: Desperate times call for….. chalk. Cover up stains with chalk or baby powder for a quick way to hide a major mess up!

Breath Mints/Gum/Spray: We know you cannot wait to kiss the love of your life. Make it great and grab a mint before you walk down the aisle.

Comb/brush: Unless you have an up-do then a bride needs to keep her beautiful locks tamed at all hours of her special day.

Dental floss/toothpicks: Because pictures will be taken at all hours and spinach bites don’t look as great in the mouth region as they taste.

Eyedrops: Outdoor wedding? Allergies? When in season, eyedrops can be a total must! Don’t miss out!

Extra earring backs: This babies pop off everywhere, don’t be a product of this misfortune. With extra earring backs you will have insurance to keep your completed look all evening.

Hair spray, bobby pins, ponytail holder: Even though your hairstylist already put a million in… you NEVER know when you will need just one more. Better to be safe than to be sorry!

Hand towelettes: You will be wearing that beautiful white dress, so remember to keep your hands clean whether you have makeup, food or germs.

Concealer: Waking up with an awful stress pimple, the morning of your wedding….every woman’s nightmare. Bring concealer and dab your face (or that pimple) throughout the day to keep you looking flawless.

Mini sewing kit – Hem tape, Safety pins,Small folding scissors: Accidents happen, having a mini sewing kits filled with these items will give you some lee way when you have one or two of your guest accidentally step on your dress.

Mirror: To get one final look before you walk down the isle to become a ‘Mrs’ and to check and fix all of the above problems.

Double-sided Scotch tape: Loose soles, low neck dresses… When I tell you it works for everything, I mean everything.

Sole Serum: Sole Serum is a blend of pain reliever (lidocaine), peppermint oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil. Instant foot pain relief and you will thank me for it later.

Stain remover: For when your flower girl just has to hug you and tell you how much she loves you, right after she had a cupcake with chocolate frosting.

Static-cling spray: No one likes a dress that clings to everything God gave you, this will help you with that.

Straws: No bride wants to have their lips messed up, this is the ultimate trick to removing excess lipstick when reapplying.

Tampons/sanitary napkins: You can never be too safe. Aunt Flow can be awfully rude sometimes.

Tissues: Have I mentioned that tears tend to happen A LOT at weddings?…even if you are not a “crier”.

Tweezers: No one needs hair where it shouldn’t belong.

Bride Survival Kit | Featured Image | Faviana

Now that you have all of Faviana’s essentials, this survival kit will keep any bride out of harms way (any fashion emergency, that is).

We hope you love this post and if you decide to recreate one of our Bride Survival Kits, we would love to see. Share it with us on social media: on Instagram @Faviana_NY & on Twitter @FavianaNY

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