Faviana’s Guide To A Monochromatic Look

Monochromatic looks have been a major trend for the past few seasons through fashion, makeup, and even home decor. Faviana wants to help you pull off this unique trend and show you how to create a chic evening look with just one color. This is Faviana’s Guide To A Monochromatic Look!

Faviana's Guide To A Monochromatic Look | Dresses | Faviana

The first step is picking out the perfect dress. We all know that the center of attention is your beautiful dress! Hopefully, you strategically picked out a dress of one color to create a monochromatic look. If you haven’t had a chance to pick out a dress, make sure go with a color tone that you will be happy to use monochromatically.

Any color will work for a monochromatic look. We believe this because you can have any number of lighter or darker tones of that color and it still can look flawless. However, darker colors are the most common when creating a monochromatic look. This is because darker colors will recede making you appear leaner and taller. But, don’t let this stop you from strutting your fluorescent orange pieces. Do you, girl.
Faviana's Guide To A Monochromatic Look | color wheel | Faviana

Now the fun begins – we are going to add some accessories!

When it comes to the accessories, just make sure to find items that are in the same color family. That means highs and lows of that one color. Monochromatic can sometimes come off as dull. Make sure to reduce those chances by picking accessories that are trendy and fashion forward. This will create a high-end, chic vibe rather than a cheap and dowdy look. Here are a few of our favorites accessories that we think will take your monochromatic look to the next level:

ClutchesFaviana's Guide To A Monochromatic Look | clutch| Faviana


ShoesFaviana's Guide To A Monochromatic Look | shoes| Faviana

The fun thing about shoes is that they can give your look a huge pop. If you decided on a gray monochromatic look, make the look pop with black heels. They are still in the same color family but creates a dramatic flare. Way too cool not to try!

Dressing monochrome not only gives you a chic appearance that makes heads turn, this tonal brilliance will give you a slimming look as well. This will create an elongating look, perfect for petite individuals. This works because the coherent visual of the monochromatic look will come off as a vertical image to anyone who sees. This creates the illusion of a taller person, even though you just decided to wear all one color. You can thank us later (wink).

Faviana's Guide To A Monochromatic Look | blair| Faviana

So hey, we want to know your thoughts. Are you loving these monochromatic must-have tips for your special event? Let us know what you think or, if we forgot something. And, if you decided to give these tips a try… We would love to see, so comment below or share it with us on social media: @Glamandgowns@Faviana_NY & @FavianaNY




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