The Perfect Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic makeup is a trend you see come off all the runways, from Diane von Furstenburg to Chanel. Monochromatic makeup is wearing all the same color makeup, from blush to eyeshadow to lipstick. We created the Perfect Monochromatic Makeup list so you too can rock this runway look!

The first step is to find the shade you would like to go monochromatic with. Many people stay in the red family but, hey, do you. Peaches, rosy reds and red are always good because they’re easy to find, especially if you are only using drugstore makeup. If you decided to go outside the red family and can’t find a green or blue blush, we recommend using the eye shadow. This will be the perfect fix for your overall monochromatic look.

Once you have found a shade that you love, match it with a blush, eyeshadow and, lipstick. These three makeup musts are the key to creating your look, so make sure to find matching for each one of them.

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Apply the shadow color of choice and create whatever style you find suits your eye shape best. We recommend creating an ombre effect, where you will have the darkest product on your eyelid and you blend out.

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If you decided to go with a color, not in the red family, this is the fun part. As a whole, this step really transforms the look, no matter the color choice.

Apply your blush as if it was bronzer and really hollow out your cheeks. After you have hollowed out your cheeks start blending up. Secret tip to perfect this step is to blend, blend, blend. Blend until you can’t blend anymore! This will create a very effortless look.

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Okay, now it’s time for lips. This is our final step that brings this monochromatic altogether. Make sure to add concealer to the lip first. This will not only act as a primer, it will also hide your natural lip color so your choice of lipstick will really pop. Second, add your lip liner. This will define your lips and keep it lasting for hours without seeping out of your lips. Finally, apply your lipstick. Dab your lips lightly with a kleenex and re-apply another coat for extra long wear. Trust me on this one, it really works! 

We hope this article inspired you to try out this runway trend. Faviana wishes you the best of luck when you try out monochromatic makeup look. You’re so totally going to be on trend.

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