Faviana’s Guide To The Perfect Ugly Sweater

Ah! It’s that time of year, you’re about to clock out on your Friday evenings or, finish that last final and, head to those holiday parties. These fun nights spent with friends and family make the cold weather just a little more bearable. We have one creative genius to thank for this gathering time, the inventor of the Ugly Sweater. Yes, that’s right, the ugly sweater. This persons not only turned down the awkwardness of family parties but, they helped us escape the interrogation from, “Aunt Betty” by directing the attention to the “ugly sweater” you’re wearing. If that’s not genius, we don’t know what is.

Well we didn’t invent the ugly sweater or, the magic that consumes it but, Faviana sure is here to help you. Continue reading for Faviana’s guide to the perfect DIY ugly sweater.


1. SweaterFaviana's Guide To The Perfect Ugly Sweater | Sweater

This is the base of your masterpiece so, pick wisely. We recommend an oversized knit, more real-estate for festivities. Sticking with Christmas or Hanukkah colors work best, red, green, white, silver, blue. And, if you find one that is fuzzy or glittery, you’re that much more on top of the game.

2. ThemeFaviana's Guide To The Perfect Ugly Sweater | Theme

Whether it is recreating Santa, a Christmas tree, dreidel or, a menorah, make sure to have something festive on your sweater. This really differentiates your sweater from just a plain old sweater, that you decided to throw stuff on.

3. Time to Decorate

Faviana's Guide To The Perfect Ugly Sweater | Decorations

Have you every heard the expression, “Everything but, the kitchen sink?” Yea, but for this DIY ugly sweater, bring on the “kitchen sink.” Throw every piece of tinsel, glitter, felt, candy, wrapping paper you can find onto this sweater. The more bazaar, the more likely you won’t be asked, “So honey, is a boyfriend in the picture?”

Once you have put all the final touches onto your ugly sweater, you’re ready to walk into anything.

This time of year is supposed to be spent with friends and family. Faviana’s Guide to the Perfect DIY Ugly Sweater is a perfect way to integrate some laughter into a family filled night. If you decided to try some of these tips out this holiday season, please let us see! Tag us on social media:@Faviana_NY &@FavianaNY

Happy Holidays!


Michaela Bartlett


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