Faviana’s Holiday Makeup Musts

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

Hi everyone! Here at Faviana, we hope you had an amazing Turkey Day that, was filled with lots of family laughter and, of course, amazing food. Now, that the food coma has worn off…. we would like to wish you a Happy Holiday Season! With that said, it’s finally the time of year where you can sprinkle glitter on anything.

Continue reading and you’ll get the inside scoop of Faviana’s Holiday Makeup Musts;  we promise glitter is involved.

Holiday Makeup Musts |Brow| Faviana1. Brow Game

Going home this holiday season, you tend to run into, well, everyone and their mothers. With this occurrence, we need to make sure we look, Beyonce good. Let’s start with our brows. We all know that your brows are sacred, so make sure you find what shape works best for you. Your eyebrows are the picture frame to your face therefore your #BrowGame is essential.

Holiday Makeup Musts | Bold Lip | Faviana2. Bold Lip

Once the first leaf hits the ground, the “vamp” lip, hits the lips. So, for this holiday season, try something a little more fun like a ombré vamp lip. It’s super on trend and something that spices up any outfit almost like acting like an accessory all on its own.

Holiday Makeup Musts | Glitter | Faviana3. GLITTER, GLITTER, GLITTER

Like I said, what is a holiday season without some sparkle? Adding some glitter to any eye shadow look is best way to hit the next level, not to mention it’s a total head turner when you start to bat those lashes.

Holiday Makeup Musts |Bronzer | Faviana

4. Bronzer

Just because most of us aren’t in tropical climates, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a sun kissed glow. This holiday season, bronzer will be your best friend when you want to achieve that golden glow.  Remember to apply it on areas of your face where the sun would naturally hit it like the forehead, nose, top of your cheekbones and a dash on the chin.

Holiday Makeup Musts |Highlight| Faviana

5. Highlight

Give your holiday makeup look its finishing touches with a highlight. Adding this shimmer to the highest points of your face will pull the whole look together. It also balances the contour effect by “strobing” light on areas of the face you want to glow.

Now that all the holiday party are approaching, and you have your makeup musts, you should be golden. Make sure to try out Faviana Holiday Makeup Musts and, never be caught talking to your ex-boyfriend’s mother without looking 100 percent.

If you decided to use any of these looks at your next ugly sweater party or Kwanzaa kick back, we would love to see them. Tag us on social media to join the fun:@Faviana_NY & @FavianaNY

Have fun this holiday season and don’t drink too much eggnog.


Michaela Bartlett

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