Final Exams: Time Management Tips

As the school year comes to a close, there is just one thing standing between you and summer break: finals! While finals are no ones favorite, and many of us dread them all year, there is hope for making it through finals with your sanity. The biggest piece of advice we can offer you for surviving finals is time management! Knowing how and when to allocate your time is essential to doing your best work. So, from us here at Faviana, here is Final Exams: Time Management Tips!

Plan Ahead

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The key to success during finals is planning ahead. From starting that final project before the day it’s due, to planning study days for exams, a plan will give you some peace of mind. Let’s be real, we all procrastinate, but this is not the time to add extra stress to your life! In the weeks leading up to your exams, get a calendar and visually organize when and where you will study for your exams. Get your friend or roommates in on it and make it a study party, don’t forget snacks!

Make Lists


Even if you’re not a list person, it’s time to become one. Make a list of every exam you have, when they are, and which you need to dedicate the most time to. If you also have projects due for finals week, put those due dates down as well. As you work through your list, check off everything that is completed with satisfaction.


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If you have what seems like a million exams and projects all due within three days of each other, it is time to get your priorities straight. Which exams will you need to study for most? Dedicate more time to those.

Take a Break

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There is such thing as too much studying. Knowing when you have studied as much as you can or need to is important for maintaining a little sanity. Schedule in some breaks during your study time. Taking a few moments to relax is actually great for your memory! Try to get outside every day and move your body if the weather allows, or pop in the gym to rejuvenate.


While all-nighters sometimes seem so normal for high school or college students, they are not helpful to your study habits. Schedule in sleep if you need to! You will absorb infinitely more information with a well rested brain, than a groggy sleep deprived one.

One of the most important things to remember as you gear up for finals is, one test will not ruin your life. Study and prepare as best you can, and the rest is out of your control. Keep yourself organized, stick to your study plan, and you will sail through finals week. And just think, as soon as you finish that last final, summer is yours!

What are your best study tips? Do you have some ideas for how to best manage your time during finals week? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.




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