Guide To A DIY Spa Day

Prom is right around the corner, money is decreasing faster than it is coming and relaxation is on your mind. We all would love to treat ourselves to a spa day but instead think logically and you decide you should save the money for that prom dress you’ve been eyeballing. Luckily, Faviana is here with a guide to a DIY spa day to make up for it!

For your DIY spa day you will need six essential items:

  1. DIY facial mask
  2. Candles and/or incense
  3. Towels (2)
  4. Soothing music
  5. Mani/pedi kit
  6. Nail polish


1. Start off by creating your DIY facial mask. There is an overwhelming amount of facial masks that you can choose from but don’t worry as I am here to give you a little insight on the different benefits before you decide.

Guide To A DIY Spa Day | Cucumber and Yogurt Mask| Faviana

Cucumber Yogurt Mask

While the smell of fresh cucumber is relaxing, it has some pretty awesome health benefits when applying to your face. Cucumbers are filled with water that will create hydration for your skin while also penetrating Vitamin A, B, and C into your skin. For the yogurt, plain yogurt has been known to not only act as an anti-aging mechanism but also known to help clear up rosacea, acne and eczema.

Guide To A DIY Spa Day | Coffee & Cocoa | Faviana

Cocoa and Coffee Mask

One thing I love more than chocolate is coffee. Chocolate and coffee aren’t just cures for a broken heart or a jump start to your day, they are essential ingredients for a facial mask that wakes up dull skins. Sounds way too yummy not to try!

Guide To A DIY Spa Day | Mud Mask| Faviana

Mud Mask

While we all know this is one of the most popular masks, it’s also one of the most beneficial. Mud has special minerals that help with oily skin, blemishes and skin that has been over worked (thanks to makeup).  

Guide To A DIY Spa Day | Honey and Oatmeal Mask | Faviana

Honey and Oatmeal Mask

When you suffer with dry skin, finding something that is deeply moisturizing is a dream come true. This honey and oatmeal mask will do just that. Honey is a humectant meaning it retains and preserves moisture. Oatmeal on the other hand contains a chemical called saponins. Saponins are known for their intense cleaning properties. This mask will definitely leave you feeling rejuvenated!

Once you have have decided on your mask of choice (and created it), the next step is to create the mood. First, gather your candles and/or incense then grab your laptop and/or phone to play some soothing music of your choice. Creating an relaxing environment is a crucial step in constructing a spa like experience. We recommend Spotify’s Spa Music Playlist.

Guide To A DIY Spa Day | Towels | Faviana

Towel Time

Pick out two towels, preferably the soft, cozy ones. Run both towels under hot water but be careful not to burn yourself! Now, find yourself a comfy spot to relax. Place one rolled up towel behind your neck and the second over your face mask. The warmth of the towel will loosen the mask and the steam will open your pores to let all the goodness in.

After you have taken the time to relax, slowly get up, wash the rest of the mask off and place on your favorite facial moisturizer. We recommend:

As you finish moisturizing, decide on the perfect shade of polish that will complement your prom dress best. Groom your nails to your desired length and then apply the polish. Finish by relaxing as your nails dry.

We hope that you enjoyed this guide to a DIY spa day! If you try any of these steps, we would love to see. Comment below and tell us what you think or find us on social media: @Faviana_NY & @FavianaNY



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