Faviana’s Guide to D.I.Y. Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to show your gratitude toward your loved ones who have helped and supported you throughout your entire wedding process! This is your opportunity to get crafty and creative and make some cute, affordable favors that your friends and family will adore. Making your own D.I.Y. favors is a heartfelt way to show your appreciation toward your friends and family.

When choosing a favor, I would suggest giving a gift that is practical. Don’t waste your time and money giving a junky gift that is going to end up “tchotchke-ing” up his or her home. Here is Faviana’s guide to D.I.Y. party favors to help you create easy and cute gifts for all of your guests!



Wedding Gawker

Succulents are a cute and trendy little gift that your guests will obsess over! They can go anywhere in the house and are an adorable addition to any room. They can also double as name holders, making them the perfect table decoration.

All you have to do it buy the succulents at your local florist, put them in cute little jars, and tie a bow and tag around it. Your friends and family will love to watch them grow into a beautiful plant.

You don’t have to worry about giving your guests another chore – these little plants are low-maintenance and very easy to take care of! All they have to do is put it in a sunny area and water it once a week.

Homemade Soap



The Sarah Johnson

These beautiful, delicate soaps are a very practical and classy party favor. They smell amazing, and are also a gorgeous decoration for your guests’ bathroom!

Not only are homemade soaps beautiful and unique, but they also give you healthier and clearer skin because they are made of natural ingredients and are rich in antioxidants.

The recipe is a little timely; however, the end result is so worth it! You have the ability to choose the ingredients, scent, and color! Try adding some of your old dried up flowers to make them look even more beautiful and expensive!

Sugar Scrub

sugar-scrub-favianaLove Vividly

Sugar scrub is a great gift that everyone can use to make his or her skin feel and smell amazing! The best part is that this recipe is super fast and simple to make!

You only need four ingredients:

Coconut oil


Mint extract

Food coloring

Simply mix the ingredients together, and put it in any jar of your choice! Add a cute ribbon and label to complete the look.

Sugar scrub is a natural and safe alternative to other scrubs that will pamper your guest, leaving their skin exfoliated and smoother than ever!

P.S. You may want to make an extra batch for yourself so you can relax after the stressful months of party planning.

Cookie Mix

sugar-cookie-mix-favianaSomething Turquoise

Let’s get real, who doesn’t love cookies?! This is a very simple and sweet D.I.Y party favor your guests will go crazy over.

All you have to do is measure out 4 simple ingredients, and put them in any bag or jar of your choice! Your guests just have to add a couple perishable ingredients, bake, and enjoy! If you are feeling extra creative and crafty, you can attach a cute wooden spoon with a pretty ribbon to complete the look! Don’t forget to add a little note with cooking instructions! This is such a sweet way to thank your guests for sharing this special day with you.
These D.I.Y homemade favors are personal, sentimental, and meaningful and are the perfect way to show your appreciation to your loved ones. Crafting can also help relieve the stress you have from all the crazy wedding planning you have been doing for the past months! So, take a step back, relax, craft, and be sure to make extras for you to enjoy! Good luck!

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