Hairpieces for Prom

Now that you have found your dress, your shoes, and your clutch, what about a little something to add sparkle to your hair! Whether you are going for an understated classic prom look, or all out glam with head to toe sparkles, there is a headpiece out there for any and every style. Coordinate your look by matching your headpiece to your other jewelry, and accent your gorgeous prom hairstyle. Here are our Faviana favorite ideas for Headpieces for Prom!

Whimsical Crown

whimsical crown-faviana

Winterblue Music

This crown is perfect for accenting a vintage inspired prom look. Add a simple, whimsical crown to an updo or lay it over long curls. This would be perfectly paired with a simple, classic gown, and could be styled with pearl earrings to add to the vintage vibe. Depending on your prom look try a classic princess style crown, or for s subtle look try something with delicate beading.

Retro Headband

80s Glam headband-faviana

Glitzy Bella

For a retro-glam look try a headband worn around your head with a little glitter! This is a perfect look if you are planning to wear your hair down for prom night, and will keep your hair out of your face for the dance floor. Embodying a glam twist on the 80’s workout look, this prom accessory is an easy add-on. If you aren’t looking to wear your hair down, try a low bun or French twist with this headband, or wrap your hair around the headband for a no-fuss updo.

Vintage Clips


For a subtle but beautiful accent for your hair, search your local thrift shops for a broach or clip to tuck into your updo. Make it as glitzy as you want, or stick to pearls for a classic look. If you want to stick to the vintage look, try an updo that features old Hollywood curls at the crown, or try teased curls for a messy glam look. All this look needs is some elbow gloves and it will look like you walked right out of the Great Gatsby, make Daisy proud!

Fresh Flowers

flower hair accents-favianaTheweddingstyle

Sometimes a few flowers tucked into your hair is the perfect accessory. Flowers go with any hairstyle, up or down, or half up half down. Try a flower crown for the full effect, or just position a few of your favorite blooms into your prom ‘do. You could even match your corsage to your hair details, and see if your date wants to coordinate with his boutonniere.

As with any accessory, whatever you choose should help to make you look and feel your best on your prom night. Go for something functional for keeping your hair in place, or go for something that just adds that special something to your prom look. Your hair is just another way for your to accessorize!

What kind of headpiece do you plan on wearing to prom? Which is your style, more of a vintage look or all out glam? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.




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