How to Accessorize as a Boho Princess

You’ve found the perfect Faviana dress, and now it’s time to complete the look. If you’re all about the free-spirit, go with the flowy vibes of the bohemian look. We’ve got some accessorizing tips that will help complete your outfit. Accessorize as a boho princess at your next special event!

Accessorize as a Boho Princess with Flower Crowns

accessorize as a boho princess
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Crown yourself the boho princess of your next special event with a boho hair accessory. Find a matching flower crown with fake flowers or see if your local flower shop can make you one that matches your corsage and date’s boutonniere. On the other hand, if you’re crafty, make one yourself! If you’re not quite into a full flower crown, a clip or pin with flower on it is a great way to still make a statement!

Accessorize as a Boho Princess with Body Chains

accessorize as a boho princess
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If you have a more simple dress, a body chain is a great boho accessory! Since it is so large and goes over the dress, make sure to keep the dress and the rest of your accessories simple. Body chains also tend to look better with a more fitted dress since they typically drape down low to the hips. Keep the chain simple or find a bold one depending on your style.

Accessorize as a Boho Princess with Flash Tattoos

accessorize as a boho princess
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Flash tattoos are the perfect temporary way to make a statement! No long-term commitment is necessary. Metallic, flash tattoos stand out and are a great, different way to add some bling to your outfit. Decide on placement depending on your dress. Some great places would be your hand, shoulder or ankle!

Accessorize as a Boho Princess with Upper Arm Bands

Accessorize as a Boho Princess
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An arm band is a unique jewelry piece perfect for a bohemian look! Wear this with a thin strap or strapless dress, and let it be your statement piece. Make sure you try it on and it fits well on your upper arm before your event!

Accessorize as a Boho Princess with Stacked Rings

Accessorize as a Boho Princess
Photo Credit: BohoJov

Looking for more of a blingy, boho look? Stack on those rings! Make sure you coordinate all of them and plan ahead – you want them to match and go together! If you do bold rings, make sure to keep other jewelry relatively minimal. Go for natural looking pieces, such as stamped silver or turquoise for the ultimate boho look.

Accessorize as a Boho Princess with Earrings

Accessorize as a Boho Princess
Photo Credit: UOI Boutique

With your hair braided, up or all down, earrings are the perfect accent to your whimsical look! Bold, fun, boho earrings make a statement and are a great accessory for your next special event! Choose your color that best accents your dress, and work off the earrings you find for the rest of your jewelry. If you do big earrings, avoid hair accessories so it’s not too much.

Accessories are a great way to finish off your look – be sure to plan ahead and coordinate all your pieces, and remember the rule that less is more!

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