How To: Bake Your Makeup For Prom

Baking your makeup is probably the smartest thing you can do to your face, especially for prom. The term refers to letting translucent powder sit on your face for five to ten minutes. This allows the heat from your face to set (bake) your foundation and concealer. After brushing the powder off your face, you are then left with a flawless finish. Who wouldn’t want perfection on an important day? Here we show you exactly how to bake your makeup for prom!

Step #1 to Bake Your Makeup: Prep Your Eyes & Face

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Just like baking anything else, you need to prepare what you’re working on first. Start by hydrating your eye area with your favorite eye cream. This will minimize any creasing, keep your skin moisturized, and brighten the look of your eyes. Then, apply a primer all over your face to make your makeup last all day long. If you use a liquid foundation, put this on before you begin the baking process. This will even out your skin tone and create a smoother base to work on.

Step #2 to Bake Your Makeup: Apply & Blend Concealer

bake your makeup
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After your moisturizer has absorbed, it’s time to apply concealer. It’s great to use a thick, full-coverage one in order to pull off poreless skin. Begin dotting the concealer underneath your eyes, then blend it with a concealer brush, your finger, or makeup sponge. To ensure full-coverage all day and lock in the first layer, apply a second coat of concealer. You can also apply concealer to any other area of your face that you want to brighten up. Just make sure to cover and smooth out all the creases before the next step!

Step #3 to Bake Your Makeup: Dust On Powder

bake your makeup
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Using a fluffy brush, it’s finally time to get to baking! Dip the brush into translucent powder, and brush over everywhere that you applied the concealer. Start with using minimal powder, then pack on loose powder generously. Use your blending brush, spray a light setting spray, and apply the same translucent powder thickly under your eyes and other concealer spots. This is what you will leave on for five to ten minutes.

Step #4 to Bake Your Makeup: Dust It Off

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After the time is up, use the same fluffy brush to dust off the loose powder. Complete this by gently swirling the brush in a circular motion over all your “baked” areas. As you brush away the translucent powder, you’ll notice how much smoother and more even your skin looks. Sometimes there can be harsh edges or uneven spots though, so just be sure to blend in some powder foundation to correct this.

Step #5 to Bake Your Makeup: Finish Your Look!

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Now that the baking is done, it’s time to finish your look. Add the perfect prom eye makeup and bold lip, and you’re ready to take on prom night. For beginners and extra help on baking, you can also check out this easy tutorial video!

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