How to Donate Your Prom Accessories

So you’re found too many perfect accessories for prom, or maybe you already attended prom and had the time of your life! Even though you adore the sky high heels your bought to accent your gown, and that glam clutch was the perfect addition to your look, you may not have an opportunity to use them again. Why throw away something so cute? Especially when someone else could love them as much as you! How about donating your prom accessories if they are in good condition? Here are Faviana’s tips for How to Donate Your Prom Accessories!

Pass Them Down

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If you are a younger sibling, you know the power of hand-me-downs. And if you’re an older sibling, you know the struggle of your little sister rocking your favorite shirt that no longer fits. How about using this same mentality and passing your accessories down to someone attending prom after you! If you don’t have a younger sibling, ask around to see if one of your friends has a younger sister that may make use of your gorgeous prom necklace.

Drop Them Off

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Thrift stores love unique finds! Drop off your prom accessories at your favorite thrift store, and maybe even get store credit or a little cash back. Look into thrift stores in your area that have big accessories or prom sections, and make sure you clean out bags before dropping them off. Some places don’t accept earrings, but bracelets and necklaces are perfect!

Sell Them

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If your items are in good condition why not sell them! Apps like Poshmark and Ebay are great places to get a little money back for your prom investment. All you have to do is to take a few pictures, make sure to have good angle and lighting, and post a quick description. These apps are also great for finding something that you might want for your next big event. There are plenty of girls out there looking for that perfect accessory!

Re-Style Them

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Do you just love your prom accessories too much to see them go? How about finding ways to incorporate them into your every day looks or for another upcoming event! How about adding a little drama to your next girls night out and rocking those prom heels with cuffed denim and a leather jacket. Edgy and girly can be the perfect combo! Or if you bought a gorgeous prom hairpiece, how perfect would that be for a music festival. Try adding a strap to your prom clutch, to make it a bit more casual for every day use. There are endless opportunities for re-styling your prom accessories.

Prom can be pretty expensive, and if you were able to land some amazing accessories for your prom, why not make it a little easier for someone else! If you are looking to donate a little more than just your shoes, why not donate your prom dress too. Check out our Upcycle Program here!

How do you plan to give back after prom? Is there a great thrift store near you that has a big prom section? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.




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