How to Measure Yourself for Your Prom Dress

It is a common fact of life for girls and women everywhere to be one size in one store but then, miraculously, a different size in the next store. Several decades ago sizes were federally regulated so that there was a standard size chart for women, but that has since been done away with.  Every brand seems to have it’s own unique sizing system so it is always a challenge to find jeans, bras, dresses and even shoes in “your size” that actually fit. Faviana would like to help you take some of the mystery out of your prom dress shopping with these steps on how to measure yourself.  It is normal to have some alterations made to any dress so that it is perfectly tweaked to your body, but it will be less expensive the more accurate the fit is from the start! 

When it comes to dress shopping, our prom tip is to always shop in store for your prom dress if you can! You will have a much better idea of the fit and feel of a dress by trying it on in person, rather than guessing the fit of your online purchase. You may realize that what looks good on a hanger or model doesn’t necessarily work for you. However if you are going to shop online, as many of us absolutely love the convenience of online shopping, then having your correct body measurements is an absolute must prior to you making the purchase. Most brand websites have their own sizing charts to help you find your size in their specific styles using your personal measurements. So go find a mirror ladies and ask a friend to help get accurate measurements! 

How to Measure Yourself: Your Height

How to Measure Yourself your height
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This may seem like a no brainer but, if you are wearing shoes take them off and stand up straight with your feet together (no slouching!). Start at the top of your head, down your back and pull the measuring tape taught to the floor. Be sure to also take heels or if you’re wearing prom flats into account when making final alterations, so that your dress is not too short or too long

How to Measure Yourself: Your Bust How to Measure Yourself for Your Prom Dress | Bust | Faviana

As illogical it may seem, your bust is NOT your bra size – misleading, we know. Grab an unpadded bra, stand up straight, and relax your arms at your sides then have your friend measure at the fullest part of your bust. The measuring tape should run across the apex of your breast. Most dresses will have some sort of built in cups or bra but be aware of the bust size to ensure your dress stays up on your big night. 

Quick Tip:  Bust = the widest part of your chest.

How to Measure Yourself: Your Waist

You are going to want to find the smallest part of your waist, this is called a natural waist. This is usually a little above your belly button. Keep the measuring tape slightly loose to allow for breathing/sitting/eating room! Nothing is worse than trying enjoy your special night and feeling like your dress is suffocating you. Do not get this measurement confused with your high hip which is usually where you button your jeans.

Quick Tip:  Waist = the smallest part of your stomach.

How to Measure Yourself: Your Hips
How to Measure Yourself for Your Prom Dress | Hips | Faviana

Stand up straight again and with your feet together, and flat on the floor. From there pull the measuring tape across the widest part of your hips. The tape should cross the middle of both of your hip bones and will usually run at the bottom of your buttocks.  Again, do not get this measurement confused with your high hip; many people do.

How to Measure Yourself lifestyle
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Quick Tip:  Hips = the widest part of your lower body.

After you’ve taken your measurements, check out our suggestions for dresses to suit your body typeAlso, click on the Faviana size guide to see which size you are prior to shopping! Once you get your dress, take it for any alterations – and again make sure you wear the shoes you plan to wear for prom! Whether that be your tallest heels or a pair of cute flats for prom.

Do you have any prom tips for getting the perfect dress tip? Did you already find your dream dress with the perfect fit? Show us by posting photos on Instagram and tagging our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, or Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!



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