How To Rock An Oversized Shirt

We have all once set our heart’s on clothes like that of Rihanna and Kylie, but the most supreme part is to design a look that energizes. It is all about the craze and rage that is defined how we style different clothing items together! Oversized shirts are a go-to when it comes to comfort and luxury. With the cold shoulder trend winning our hearts, oversized outfits has gotten into our shopping carts, too. We don’t care that something has to be skin-tight and fitted anymore. This trend has given us a lot of courage to pick an oversized shirt rather than a lace dress hanging in the outlet of our favorite brand. Plus, a restyle is always good. Here is how to rock an oversized shirt and look stylish in a striking way!

Pair High Waisted Jeans

oversized shirt high waisted jeans
Photo Credit: The Cosmopolitas

A pair of high waisted jeans will not only make you look taller and slimmer, but will also give an oversized shirt an edgy look. A baggy top with a pair of skin-fitted jeans is unbeatable and gives you the right amount of fit. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, go for a pair of ripped jeans that will give your look more sharp details!

Tuck In An Oversized Shirt

tuck in an oversized shirtLetting your shirt out will hide the quirkiness and the shape of your body. To make it look casual and classy at the same time, tuck in the oversized shirt! This way, you can show some legs and let the inimitable spark reflect right out of your outfit.

Let Your Hair Flow

oversized shirt
Photo Credit: Us Weekly

Letting your hair down will give your look a calm, careless touch. You don’t have to work hard to find a suitable hairstyle to go with an oversized shirt. The remarkable thing about the loose-fitting attire is that you can be funky and friendly. So let your hair breathe, girls!

Put A Choker On

choker oversized shirt
Photo Credit: Tokyo Fashion

Bracelets and silver chains go well with glamorous and girly looks. However, chokers are made for this particular style. An oversized shirt and a choker? What a great combination! The boldness and vividness of the choker will walk along with you everywhere you go.

Let Midi-Rings Boast

midi rings oversized shirt
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Just like the shirt doesn’t need to have a perfect fit, midi-rings are welcome, too! The ring is suppose to find its fit right above the lower knuckle of your finger. This is a noteworthy jewelry obsession that will rock the look if it is hooked on with an oversized shirt or tee.

Sneakers To The Rescue

oversized shirt sneakers
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Are you puzzled about what kind of footwear will match your look? Well, this look is all about comfort, and so is a pair of sneakers! Don’t limit yourself to white sneakers, though. Go for your favorite colors – this is your look! Rock it with your unique touch to it!

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