How To Rock White After Labor Day

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear white after Labor Day. Fall is the perfect opportunity to experiment with different clothing and accessories, while still looking chic and tan. Don’t put away all your white clothes yet, for here is how to rock white after Labor Day!

Denim White After Labor Day

wear white after labor day
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The rule of thumb here is to store away your white shorts, but keep out your white jeans. These denim pieces are appropriate 365 days a year, available in 100’s of styles. Pair a cute top with ripped white jeans, cropped jeans, or a boyfriend fit. You’ll stay both warm and cool, while rocking the color white in your outfit all year long.

White Dresses

wear white after labor day
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Yes – white dresses are still appropriate after summer, as long as you style it correctly. For the fall, it’s great to pair a dress like Faviana Style 8072 with a denim jacket and your favorite pair of sneakers. This allows your outfit to be dressed-down, as you can remain comfortable all day long. You can also wear a shirt over or under your dress, giving the illusion of a casual skirt.

White Dress Shirts

wear white after labor day
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Especially for work and outings, don’t be afraid to continue wearing your white button-downs. These match perfectly with slacks or pencil skirts for the ultimate professional look. You can also try to find a classic white shirt-dress, one that never goes out of style. Pair it with leather boots or sneakers for the perfect transitional look.

White Sweater Styles

wear white after labor day
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It is totally ok to wear a white sweater. Especially when the temperature starts to drop, you’ll be thankful for this. A white knit sweater with a skirt or pair of trousers is the perfect fall outfit to keep you comfy and cute. Experiment with different styles such as cropped, sleeveless, v-neck, and off-the-shoulder to up your sweater game more!

White Jackets

wear white after labor day
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If you don’t own a white jacket, now is the perfect time to scoop one up on sale. This accessory may feel like it belongs in summer, but when paired with autumn colors, you can wear it straight through the cold, wet season. You’ll instantly look clean and collected, adding some brightness to any dull outfit. Look for a material such as denim, leather, or suede that makes a perfect lightweight layering piece.

White Shoe Styles

wear white after labor day
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White sneakers can be worn year-round, which makes them the ideal piece to continue wearing after Labor Day. They have a nice way of lightening up and dressing down any outfit, whether they are leather or a tad dirty. You just want to steer clear from any slip-on shoes (unless they’re your favorite pair of Vans of course). Try sneakers that have laces, or go for a pair of white loafers.

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