How to Shop for a Prom Dress

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Finding a prom dress in a plethora of websites and stores can be completely overwhelming as you search through thousands of dresses from around the world. Don’t go for a dress just because it’s popular or looks good on the model; ensure the color, cut and style looks and feels good on YOU! You are special and unique and want to highlight all of your best features.

Here are a few tips to help narrow your search and to ensure the dress you choose is perfect for you. This will help make you look and feel special, beautiful, and confident. Not to mention, helps in creating picture perfect memories of your special day.

First Thing is First… Set a Budget!

It’s easier to narrow designers, stores and dress options. Once you have a price point, it’s easier not to get your hopes up on the dress that is perfect for you.

Add up all the money you’ve saved, see if there are any contributions from the parents, and stick to that. Remember, besides your prom dress, you’re probably also going to need to buy shoes, possibly undergarments, and possibly even chip in for your ticket.

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Choose a Silhouette

If you can go to a store to try the dress on, I would highly recommend it. What may look spectacular on the model, may look less so on, especially if you have different coloring or body proportions to the model.  What looks good on you? In the past have you noticed that a sweetheart, strapless, halter-neck, long or cap sleeve detailing looks best on you? What dress length flatters you most? Feel free to try on different styles but if you know something works best for you, go with that so, that you feel confident. If you choose a strapless dress, ensure it will stay up. That may mean having it tailored or using Hollywood tape so that you’re not pulling it up all the time. This will ensure a confidence factor.

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Dress for your Body Type

Are you an apple or a pear? An hourglass or a tube? Look at similarly dressed stars and figure out which red carpet gowns would look good on you.

If you’re not sure what body type you are, another quick way to find out is to take a photo on your phone, go to edit and darken until you’re basically a silhouette. What shape is that silhouette? Here are a few basic rules to follow to create balance amongst your proportions and flatter your shape:

  • Busty (often with narrow hips and an undefined waistline): Draw attention up, add curves to your hips and define your waist to create balance. A long dress is the best fit.
  • Apple (most of your weight is around your middle with slimmer legs): Dresses with empire waists, A-line or full skirts, and embellished tops will draw the eye up away from your middle.
  • Slender (thin frame throughout): Accent your streamline physique by selecting a more fitted dress that creates shape. You can do this with an empire waist, asymmetric neckline, belt or with a thigh slit to add curves.
  • Petite (5’3” and below): You want to create balance and height rather than being overwhelmed in material. A shorter hemline, asymmetrical hemline or thigh split can add inches, rather than a longer or fuller skirt, which can drown you. Fitted dresses, delicate rather than oversized embellishments and detailing, a V-neckline and vertical prints will all elongate you. Remember to add heels for even more height, a good platform goes a long way and is easier and, more comfortable to walk in than a thin sole.
  • Pear (your hips are larger than your bust with a well defined waist): Show off your waist and add volume to your upper body. Do this with a fitted, open neck or strapless top on the bottom, find something with a full or A-line skirt to hide a wider hip.
  • Hourglass (curvy with proportionate bust, hips, upper and lower body): Accentuate your waist with fitted dresses, regular or accented waistlines (maybe belted), fitted tops, V or open necklines and wrap dresses; these will all look fabulous on you.

Best Suited Colors

What color(s) suit you best? Do you know where you fall on the color chart?  Narrow your search by looking at these colors first. While experimenting in everyday life is fun, on your special day you’re going to want to feel fabulous and have no doubt in your mind that the color and style suits you. If you are going with a paler color consider a light spray tan to create contrast.  Often times trying the dress on and having someone take a photo of you in the dress with the flash on will tell you instantly if it washes you out or highlights the best of your natural colors.

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Length: Short or Long

What length gown are you looking for? Short or long? This will narrow your search and making hunting down the perfect dress that much easier.  It is also a great starting point to make that decision before you go shopping as to help you narrow your search down and eliminate that overwhelming feeling of having too many options.

Keep it elegant and balanced (not too wild, not too simple). The rule of thumb is to highlight one area of your body.  If you have a high slit or are showing a lot of leg, balance it out by covering more of your upper body or vice versa.  Sometimes avoiding shoulder straps that cut in and make you look bigger than you are is something to also keep in mind.   If you are choosing a short dress, make sure it’s not too short, revealing or tight.  Practice sitting down in it to insure comfort and modesty.

Listen to your Gut

If you are having second thoughts or doubts it probably isn’t the right dress for you. Take the time to find a dress you love and love wearing. You’ll look back on your prom for years to come. So while it’s fun to be on point with fashion, now is the time to be timeless and classic with a modern twist to that you don’t have photos that haunt you forever!

Use the search filter on Favianas’ website to narrow your choices. Start with category, style, and color, and then go from there. Some websites will even let you search by length, train, neckline, detailing, pricing and more.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s prom choices this year. Have fun looking, shopping and on your special day. Don’t forget to tag @Faviana_NY or #Faviana in your Faviana dresses so we can see how fabulous you look.



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