How to Take a Photo like a Pro: Editing

This is part two of How to take a Photo like a Pro! Today we have some suggestions on how to edit your photos! Always remember that with everything, the most important thing is practice! Don’t give up! Be sure to check out part one, “How to take a Photo like a Pro: Shooting,” where you will learn all about camera settings, exposure and lighting. The article also discusses the importance of your background and focusing – some things that are often overlooked when it comes to taking photos!

People always ask me what my favorite part of a photoshoot is, and as much as I love shooting, I don’t know many things that I love more than seeing my work truly come to life in post processing and editing the photos afterwards.


Faviana Style 7747

First of all, let’s go over the software you’re using. Most people that are new to photography tend to go straight to Photoshop for their go-to editing system. Although Photoshop is a trademark name for editing, I don’t know many photographers that use photoshop unless they are making substantial manipulations to the photo. Most photographers now have leaned towards a sister program created by Adobe called Lightroom. What makes Lightroom so great is that it was specifically made for photographers that are looking to speed through editing, and being able to focus right in on the small corrections – without all of the unnecessary tools that you never use and don’t need – so it can be a lot less stressful

Faviana Style s7933

Faviana Style S7933

Be sure to checkout some of the suggested presets on what ever photo editing program you use – they are often really great and it makes everything easier! Really the only way to truly learn is to go in with your photo, click around and see if it makes your picture better. Always be on the look out for inspiration! Taking photos should be an interesting and fun creative outlet. You will start to love playing around and adjusting all the filters, and aspects of editing software and seeing how your photos transform!

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Faviana Style S7937

The last thing I have to say is… DO NOT feel discouraged if your photos aren’t turning out just how you want them! It took me years of practice to get where I am now, and I’m improving everyday. Yes natural talent is very important and a large aspect of photography, but like anything you come by in life, practice makes perfect. This is a skill that is not instant – you’re probably not going to be able to pick this up and be an instant Instagram influencer – but maybe if you stick to it! You can read posts, tutorials, and guides all day long – but nothing teaches better than experience. Practicing everyday or a few times a week would make a great New Year’s resolution – to stick to and learn a new skill like photography. The best hobbies in life start out with a general interest and grow into passions once you discover that it is something you love.  If you enjoy it, make sure to keep at it, stay patient and HAVE FUN!

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