Did You Know? 10 More Surprising Facts About Prom

Faviana is your go to prom spot! We have all the glitz, glamour, and of course the best gowns around. We love to keep you up to date on the latest trends and styling tips to make your prom night nothing but magical. But we are here to spice things up today and tell you 10 more surprising facts about prom that we are all wondering – Did You Know?

Surprising Facts About Prom – Going to prom is the second most significant event for teenagers today.

Surprising Facts About Prom - Mean girlsSource: BuzzFeed

Dying to know what number one is?! Getting your drivers license is the first most significant event for a teenager. Following in close second is going to prom! Every young girls vision of a magical night that she’ll never forget.

Surprising Facts About Prom – The prom industry earns approximately $4 billion each year.

Surprising Facts About Prom - Cinderalla storySource: Pop Sugar.com

Ever wanted to know how to be a billionaire? Why not start your own prom business because prom is the place to be. With over 40 million teenagers in the U.S., the prom business seems it will never go out of business. And if it ever did, a lot of young girls would be heart broken.

Surprising Facts About Prom – The average promposal cost is $325.

Surprising Facts About Prom - Prom proposal

Source: List25

Woah boys, you really are starting to step your game up huh? $325 dollars alone just to propose the idea of going to prom with you. Let’s pray that lucky girl doesn’t say no to you.

Surprising Facts About Prom – Prom king and queen didn’t always exist.

Surprising Facts About Prom - Prom king and queen Source: Elle.com

Prom has really transformed over the years. Prom used to be a simple tea dance in your Sunday’s best clothes at your high schools gym and today has transformed to buying tickets to a fancy hotel or country club wearing a ball gown. The 1930’s was when prom king and queens were formally introduced, and you could finally get your pictures taken as well.

Surprising Facts About Prom – Bon Jovi married his prom date.

Surprising Facts About Prom - Bon JoviSource: Pinterest

Ever imagine your high school sweetheart becoming the person you spend the rest of your life with!? Jon Bon Jovi had history class with his soon to be future wife, Dorothea Hurley. What a romantic story. They have a lot of history together… 😉

Surprising Facts About Prom – Christina Aguilera made her classmates so jealous at the prom that they had to leave.

Surprising Facts About Prom - boo
Source: Giphy

Imagine having your hit song play at prom and everyone leave because they were so upset about it. Genie in a bottle played at Christina’s prom and lets be honest, who wouldn’t be jealous of an 18 year old with a hit song. Her jealous fan club still follows her today.

Surprising Facts About Prom – Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and Paul Wesley have never gone to prom.

Surprising Facts About Prom - Hannah Montana
Source: Pop Sugar

Unfortunately, for Madonna and Paul Welsey, at the time of their high school years they didn’t get to go to prom. How sad! How could anyone resist the amazing Madonna! Your loss boys. But for Miley Cyrus, she was stuck filming her hit movie Hannah Montana. At least she got to film with a cute cowboy!

Surprising Facts About Prom – Prom attire varies by region.

Surprising Facts About Prom - Pastel colors Source: Amazon

In the northern part of the United States, young men and women must wear pastels to prom or they will be denied admission. Imagine showing up to prom in the wrong colored “pastel” and being denied entry. After all those long, hard months of planning out your perfect night, all to just get crushed before it even began. Unfortunately for Lisa and Donnie, from the movie Prom Night, they would not have made it into prom that night.

Surprising Facts About Prom – It is considered bad luck to eat a hamburger within 1 week of prom.

Surprising Facts About Prom - hamburger

Source: Dietdoctor.com

Sorry ladies, no McDonald’s a week before prom. Eating carbs a week before prom can cause bloating and you sure want to avoid that on prom night. Although many girls go on crazy diets right before there prom date anyways, just save all the carbs and sweets to celebrate with when prom is over! Delicious and refreshing salads are better than burgers anyways, right?! Nom nom nom.

Surprising Facts About Prom – Celebs who were prom king and queen

Surprising Facts About Prom - Celebrities who were prom king and queenSource: People.com

Many famous celebrities that we know and love won the title of prom king or queen when they attended high school. Celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Dakota Fanning, Paula Abdul, Jessica Simpson, Paul Rudd, and Tom Delonge. Imagine if your date was prom king or queen and later finding out they became famous. Lucky you huh 😉

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