Lava Lamp Manicure Goes Viral On Instagram

Summer is the perfect time to try out new nail polish colors and designs. If you are looking for bold nail art to try, then you are in luck because lava lamp manicures are trending all over Instagram. Yes, you heard me correctly. Lava lamps are not only vibrant room decorations, but now they can be part of your manicure. 

While I was scrolling through my home page on Instagram the other day, I came across a manicure that I thought consisted of colorful globs. When I opened the full image, I discovered that it was actually a lava lamp inspired manicure. I was shocked because I have never seen nail art that looked as realistic as this did. I have seen nail art inspired by Disney characters and different household items, but this was the first time I have ever seen anything like this. 

Who Created The Viral Lava Lamp Manicure?

lava lamp
Photo Credit: Instagram

I was curious to know who created this phenomenal lava lamp inspired manicure and to no surprise it was done by a nail artist named Liam Peter. Peter is a qualified nail technician and self-taught nail artist with over 20k followers on Instagram. Peter has created over 1,000 different nail designs from cheetah prints and flames to lava lamps and mermaid scales. 

Peter was inspired by another nail artist, Alec Cole Hinz, who recently created an aquarium manicure that was out of this world. 

How The Lava Lamp Manicure Was Designed

Photo Credit: Instagram

Peter is a brand ambassador for The Gel Bottle which is a nail polish company. The Gel Bottle has over 400+ vegan nail polish colors and it was their products which were used to create this viral lava lamp manicure. The two colors used in this manicure were ‘Cosmopolitan’ and ‘Bellini.’ In an interview with Allure, Peter talked about how he was able to create the illusion of depth and movement within the manicure. Peter said, “Layering jelly and neon gel polishes gives depth and makes it seem as though the blobs are really flowing around.” While layering polishes is important, Peter said that the sun is really responsible for creating the illusion of a moving lava lamp.

Lava Lamp
Photo Credit: Nail Art How To 

We all weren’t born nail technicians so if you attempt to try this at home, it might not come out exactly like these pictures, but the important thing is that you tried and were creative. I sound like an elementary school teacher, but I say that as a reminder that a trained nail technician created this lava lamp manicure. If you aren’t brave enough to try this exquisite nail art on your own, I would suggest trying to do a regular manicure with polka dots or perhaps a glitter top coat. Here at Faviana we are all about making girls feel empowered and we know how a nice manicure can change not only how you look physically, but also your mental state.

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