Miss Pop’s Major Mani’s

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All you had to do was witness the “mani-cam” at this year’s Academy Awards to know that suddenly, nail art is white hot. And it’s no longer just a pink or blush nail, with maybe a French tip—it’s now bedazzled, neon, ombre, or flowered. The simple manicure has transcended into an art form.

To get the skinny on the latest trends in nail art, we tracked down Miss Pop, who was all over Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year, painting digits for everyone from Charlotte Ronson to threeASFOUR to Rodebjer to Assembly to Katie Gallagher to Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan. Here’s what she had to tell us.

Apparently you used to be a writer—why the sudden career switch?

A couple years ago, I came down with meningitis and was confined to my bed for months. My dad was taking care of me, playing male nurse, but he was also driving me a little crazy with all his shoot-em-up Fx movies.

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I had just seen Earth Girls are Easy and there’s this salon sequence and all these amazing nails flashed by. I had an idea. I knew it would take him ages to gather all the supplies, so I sent him out with a list and had the best three hours of sleep while he was gone. When he finally returned with the polish and all the other things I needed, I started my new career, turning my bedroom into a salon. [Note: Miss Pop is also a graduate of nail school and is fully certified!]

You had a backstage view—what kind of nails will we be seeing this Spring?

Two things—first, what we did for Charlotte Ronson, which was all about black and white optical illusion nails—very geometric and angular. You know those black and white mobiles that babies stare at forever? Those shapes.

Source: Miss Pop

Another thing that’s going to be hot are shades of blue like this blue dress. I basically used three different shades, very ocean-inspired, across the nails vertically. I applied the polish with a sponge to give them a bit of texture. Also, a metallic nail like the color of this Prom dress 2013 is automatically a party nail.

Not everyone can get to the salon, any tips for the DIY home manicurist?

I do biweekly tutorials on Makeup.com. I’ve also done videos for Urban Outfitters, Beauty High, and Howcast. Even if you’re not that good—and it can be hard to paint with our “bad” hands—just buy a dotter from your local beauty supply store and you can make perfect dots every time—polka dots, hearts, those drippy ice cream nails . . . perfect for the less artistic.

A lot of our readers are planning for prom and other formal events—what emergency nail supplies should every girl have in her bag?

Source: We Heart It

If you get a glitter mani, it won’t go anywhere. Otherwise, bring a bottle of polish to touch up and pick up a product called Dazzle Dry. When I’m sending girls down the runway, this is imperative because just one coat and you’re good to go. Oh, and an emergency nail file! How many times have you broken a nail and then it drives you crazy, catching on everything all night?! For the love of God, girls—don’t forget the file!


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