Predicted Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

Thanks to New York Fashion Week, we’re able to get ahead on all the trends before the season is in place. While autumn is still a month away, we’re here to save you time on research and shopping. Here are our predicted fall 2018 fashion trends!

Capes Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

fall 2018 fashion trends capes
Photo Credit: Vogue

Just like Faviana Style S8087, capes are here to stay this fall. This fashion trend is perfect for anyone who wants to feel comfortable in their clothes but still remain chic. You can find caps in dresses, shirts, or shawls, so there’s no excuse to not add it to your wardrobe. Start searching for one that fits your style taste now!

Layers on Layers on Layers

fall 2018 fashion trends layers
Photo Credit: Vogue

Fall is all about experimenting with layering, especially when the temperature starts to drop. It’s also the perfect opportunity to play with different textures and volumes to ensure you’re the center of attention! We saw Chanel and Balenciaga on the runway with exaggerated layered items. However, you can layer more discretely with your jackets, sweaters, and scarves to create a stylish look.

Shoulder Pads

shoulder pads fall 2018 fashion trends
Photo Credit: Vogue

If you’ve always been an 80’s girl, then these fall 2018 fashion trends are for you. We’re seeing the return of the powerful shoulder pads, with shirts and blazers becoming more dramatic than ever this season. Supersizing your shoulders automatically makes a huge fashion statement, though it continues to be a love/hate thing.

Hologram Chic

fall 2018 fashion trends holographic
Photo Credit: Vogue

Who doesn’t love shiny things? Now you can be your own mirror by hopping on the hologram trend. This reflective fabric is super fashion-y on its own, you’ll feel like you’re walking your own runway! Balmain, Maion Margiela and Sies Marjan showcased this dazzling material, and now we can’t get enough of it. You certainly won’t go unnoticed with this futuristic look.

Leopard Print

fall 2018 fashion trends leopard
Photo Credit: Vogue

The famous, feline print is clawing back in action. This time, it’s more modern and fashionable than ever! Leopard prints can be worn into everyday outfits or a nighttime glamour, making it a versatile trend. The collections of Victoria Beckham, Gareth Pugh and Dolce & Gabbana certainly dominated with it, and now you can, too. Find a beautiful leopard coat, printed pants, blouses, shoes, and even bags.

Polka Dots

fall 2018 fashion trends polka dots
Photo Credit: Refinery29

Designers can’t get enough of polka dots this season, and neither can we! Many of us probably already have some form of this pattern, whether it be a blouse or a skirt. Well, it’s time to embrace this fashion trend in the fall. If you don’t already own this pattern, then it’s time to invest in it. Polka dots are super versatile, not to mention just plain adorable! Find colors that suit your tastes and wear them proudly this season.

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  1. I have noticed these scattered through the fashion world already, I can’t wait to see if they blow up! I think I’m going to try rocking some leopard print and holo!

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